6 facts about Pornsak that will make you admire this talented host more

When you think of Pornsak, you either think of the host who appears in TV regularly or the Thai food restaurant. But there’s one thing you would not have guessed—he’s actually more than the pretty face on TV, the smooth talker in variety shows and the restaurant chain. Here’s some facts that might make you admire this multi-talented guy more!

He has three degrees
Pornsak started out with a degree in Business Management from Singapore Management University, and then went on to get a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Monash University and a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine. One really wonders how he manages his time so well.

He started out as a radio deejay
Ever wonder why he can speak sooooooooo well and smoothly? That’s because he debuted as a DJ after winning a competition by SPH radio UFM1003. He was then headhunted by MediaCorp two years later, and the rest is history.

He doesn’t just own two restaurant chains
When you think of Pornsak’s business ventures, you’ll tend to think of just his two restaurant chains selling Thai food. Well, think again: he also founded Fun.Learn.Share Chinese Lab, an early childhood programme providing classes to learn Chinese. It was even featured in Channel U recently!

He’s fluent in Mandarin, English and Thai
I’m pretty sure everyone knows how fluent his Mandarin is, and I can vouch that his English is just as fluent, as I’ve seen him hosting an event in English before. In fact, it’s so fluent, I would have thought that he started out as an English DJ instead!

He went for a no-pay event and got spotted
Remember we mentioned how he was headhunted by MediaCorp? Well, he was already a popular DJ, but went for a hosting gig that didn’t pay a single cent—the opening of SMU’s Li Ka Shing Library. Obviously this turned out to be a blessing more than he expected.

He learned English and Chinese in lightning speed
When he was 5, he came to Singapore and did not know any Chinese and English. By the time he was 12, he had mastered them. Now? Judge for yourself. He speaks better than most of us!

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