6 familiar ways your insecure friends try to look rich

In today’s world, appearance is everything. And it’s no wonder, every day we are bombarded by advertisements and images of what a perfect person should look like and what kind of appearance screams out ‘success’.

And all these have led to most of us trying to give an impression of being someone we are not. But have you wondered, in trying to keep up the appearance of something you are not, have you gone too far? Here are 6 ways insecure people used to make themselves look rich.

They have a car
They might not be financially sound enough to afford a car, but because it’s a sign of status, they take a loan from the bank to buy one and then have to scrimp and save on food and other necessities.

They offer to pay for the meal
They might have just started working, or they might have just been unemployed, but because they want to seem more successful than they actually are, they might just offer to pay for the meal which makes them go hungry on the next day.

They go for brands
They can buy a simple wallet from Wallet shop at a fraction of the cost of one from BHG, but they’ll still go for BHG simply because the wallets there are branded and hence, make them look more successful. Usually, they’ll carry their expensive wallet around with not much money inside.

They go for well-tailored clothes
Similar to the branded point above, they will go for tailored clothes because it fits them perfectly and makes you look rich, problem is, tailored clothes are damn expensive. If they had just gotten one from G2000, they might have more disposable cash for other things like better food.

If branded stuff is out, they’ll go for fake branded stuff
The point is not about how branded things can last longer or is more comfortable to wear, it’s just about the brand itself. So if these people are unable to get their hand on the real things, they’ll make do with imitations, which can get pretty embarrassing if people notice that they’re fakes. That was how some quarrels on the streets were started before, after all.

Complain and boast
Ever heard of the saying, fake it till you make it? They will complain about services rendered to them and make it seem like they’re used to first-class (read: expensive) services and this service standard is simply unacceptable.

Either that or they’ll boast about going somewhere far away when the only time they’ve seen it was on the internet. So expect to hear things like, “Honestly! Is this the way a waitress should treat a customer? When I was in (insert expensive place), this never happened!”

So, have you used them?

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