6 fascinating facts about Elvin Ng we’re sure you didn’t know

If you grow up in Singapore, you will know who Elvin Ng is even if your TV set is now filled with dust. This heartthrob has become the Ah Ge of local TV, and has a fan base so consistent and large that he’ll most likely get the All Time Favourite Artiste in Star Awards next year.

Other than his good looks, what else do you know about him?

He’s an English Literature graduate from NUS
Yeah, while he’s a Mandarin actor, he knows more about Shakespeare and Jane Austen more than any of us. I just can’t imagine him being an English literature teacher in a secondary school—would students be able to concentrate? Or would he revive the English literature interest in Singapore?

He’s a very active Instagram user with over 193k followers
As a comparison, our forever Ah Jie Zoe Tay has over 57k followers. I guess Elvin Ng has got lots of young fans as younger people would use Instagram more! And also, take a look at his selfie—it’s relatively better than some “influencers”!

He’s also a published author
Titled Our Epic Little Live ( 伟大的卑微 ), it talks about his journey to Europe, in both English and Mandarin. With his large fan base, it’s no surprise that it’s a bestseller!

He’s a Chelsea fan
Well, he might have just lost some fans who support Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool, but hey, aren’t most of his fans females?

He’s a Jurong boy
He lives (well, at least in a 2012 report) in a five-room HDB flat in Jurong East. Hmm…with so many of us in the office living in Jurong, why have we not come across him before?

He once failed his A-level in NJC and had to retake it as a private candidate
The reason why he didn’t go back to NJC to retake his A-level was that he was too embarrassed to be seen again in NJC. But that was a wake-up call—after that, he worked hard and well, you can see the results now.

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