6 fascinating facts about Rui En that’ll make you like her more

Rui En, the really popular local actress who is best known for her cold personality, has always been at the top of headlines. Despite being a relatively low-profile star without the use of any social media and often at the heart of controversy regarding her nonchalant attitude, this girl has managed to rise up above all that to be recognised for her solid acting skills. She also has a loyal fan group which supports her every move. However, there may just be some lovable facts about her that you haven’t found out yet.

Rui En is the student every parent wants
At least, in terms of Singaporean parents. Coming from Singapore Chinese Girls’ School, she later completed her A levels in Raffles Junior College. She is a graduate of Nanyang Technological University with a Bachelor of Business.She was even awarded the Nanyang Outstanding Young Alumni in 2007.

She’s not shy to share her past to encourage others
In a past interview, she truthfully admitted to once being a social drinker and smoker. She said that she grew up as the only child in a broken family and her parents divorced when she was 17. In sharing this, Rui En said that she only hoped to tell other kids of similar situation that “no matter how bad your family situation is, you have a choice not to be a victim”.

Rui En does not publicise her charity work
Even though the actress is ever so busy, she is a regular volunteer at Beyond Social Services. However, she herself has made it very clear that she wants to keep such activities low-profile since she firmly believes that such activities should not be linked to her career.

And she even has a heart of gold for animals
Back in September, she adopted a cute kitten from SPCA.

Rui En is more fun than she looks
In the costume fitting session for the blockbuster The Dream Makers 2, Rui En was all smiles and laughs while trying on various outfits. She even showed her clumsy side when trying on a period costume which made her trip a few times. Her previous co-star, Shaun Chen, also stated that she’s not a cold person, simply cool. She even asked him to dance on Malaysian streets and also joined him in the dance!

Lastly, Rui En is just swag
Well, you may think she’s just another bitch. But honestly, how many in the showbiz can have such a truthful image and personality yet still able to garner the support of so many fans? Least to say, her acting has constantly improved and is solid. She needs no social media and she needs no fanfare. Rui En is simply Rui En.

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