6 fascinating facts about The Noose’s Alaric Tay that makes you like him more

We’re all familiar with The Noose—it’s by far the most popular locally produced show, with its daring satirical parody of current affairs and its group of talented actors and actresses who seemed to be able to converse in all types of accents. While most attention has been given to Michelle Chong, I’m sure many of us are also fans of Alaric Tay. If this name doesn’t ring a bell, this image should.

Image: video.toggle.sg
Image: video.toggle.sg

While he often appears as a silly or funny guy in The Noose, he’s actually a man with many achievements. Here are some facts about him!

He’s 36 years old this year
Say what? I thought he ‘s only 21. Or 22. Or 23. But 36? Now, that’s the most fascinating fact ever. What have you been eating, Alaric?

He started acting at the age of seventeen
In the late 90s, he was given a supporting role in a local film called That’s the Way I Like It, which also starred Adrian Pang and Pierre Png. Here’s the trailer for the movie (you can see Alaric Tay at 0:22)

He was once in the Singapore Armed Forces Music and Drama Company
Imagine having Andre Chichak during your recruits’ night. Your BMT would have been so much better, eh?

He is also a host for events
In fact, he has hosted events for in several high-profile banquets, but we’re sure not as Andre Chichak lah.

He is also a filmmaker
It’s almost like a natural progression for actors to go into directing, and he did well in his filmmaking venture. His film When We Were Bengs won several awards and his documentary Journey of Change has been screened not just in Singapore and Malaysia, but in Australia and the US too. Wow!

He can speak Mandarin as well as English
Ar bo then, he Chinese what? But it’s just fun to hear him speaking in Mandarin!

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