6 Flower Delivery for Bouquets Under $50 in S’pore ‘Coz Mother’s Day is Coming

Flowers are a love language that’s versatile. You don’t necessarily have to send it only on Valentine’s Day or wedding anniversary. They are common on Mother’s Day, Teacher’s Day and birthdays.  In fact, flower bouquets can be sent to a loved one any day of the week because they are a sure way of putting a smile on anyone’s face.

In this day and age when everyone is so busy, it’s increasingly common to order flowers online. This is much more convenient as you don’t have to spend time traveling to the florist. Looking for online flower delivery services in Singapore that can make your life easier? Here are the top online apps and stores where you can get fresh flowers delivered for under $50.

1. Floral Garage

Freestyle flower bouquet by Flower Garage Singapore
Image credit: Flower Garage Sg

Floral Garage offers flower delivery services for all sorts of occasions. Their website is very user-friendly and you can navigate yourself around. Their signature best seller is what’s called ‘The Freestyle’ which costs only $34.90. Basically, it’s a bouquet that’s designed by Floral Garage’s very own expert florists.

Every bouquet comes with a complimentary message card where you can jot down your wishes. Apart from the usual bouquets, they also provide bridal bouquets, wreaths, flower stands and hampers for various occasions.

  • Price: ~$34.90
  • Website: https://floralgaragesg.com/

2. The Bloom Room

Periwinkle blue flowers from The Bloom Room Singapore
Image credit: The Bloom Room Website

The Bloom Room’s signature products are actually centerpieces that are truly artistic. You can choose these central pieces in mason jars, baskets, glass vases, vintage vessels, and fabric. Fresh flowers cost about $65 and up, but you can find a wide selection of dried flowers for as low as $12. They do same day deliveries from 10 am to 6 pm but any orders after that will be delivered the next day.

  • Price: ~$12
  • Website: https://www.bloomroom.sg/

3. Little Flower Hut

Center piece bouquet by Little Flower Hut
Image credit: Little Flower Hut Instagram

The Little Flower Hut website allows you to shop for flowers according to occasions. From ‘Get Well Soon’ bouquets to new baby hampers, you can navigate to your heart’s content. The bouquets start from $45, which can be found in the sunflowers section. Hampers for babies start at $39.90 for a package that includes a small flower bouquet. The Little Flower Hut offers special wee hours delivery services from 10 pm to 9 am for those who want to surprise their loved ones.

  • Price: ~$45
  • Website: https://www.littleflowerhut.co/

4. FarEastFlora.com

Succulents in an aquarium by Far East Flora
Image credit: Far East Flora Instagram

Far East Flora offers bouquets that are elegantly arranged for $55 and above. However, if you’re looking for something more affordable, try looking at their collection of succulent plants. Succulents are super trendy right now and make unique gifts that last much longer than flowers. On this website, you’ll be able to find succulents for as low as $26 and some of them come in creative glass terrariums.

  • Price: ~$26 for sucullents. Bouquets from $55.
  • Website: https://www.fareastflora.com/

5. The Enchanted Tree

Daily pick bouquet by The Enchanted Tree
Image credit: The Enchanted Tree

The Enchanted Tree offers something they call ‘The Daily Pick’ and with only $30 you can send a cheerful bouquet to someone with a message. This affordable deal comes with delivery costs worked in and the cut off time is 6 pm for office addresses and 8 pm for residential locations. You won’t be able to customize the flowers but if you visit their Instagram, you’ll be able to see their designs for the day. The Daily Pick flowers are consistently beautiful no matter what day it is.

  • Price: ~$30
  • Website: https://www.theenchantedtree.com.sg/

6. Flower Advisor Singapore

A single rose from Flower Advisor
Image credit: Flower Advisor Singapore Website

Flower Advisor has one of the widest selections of flowers for an online store in Singapore. A single red rose here can be purchased for a mere $37 and it comes with some foliage. Their best sellers are mostly roses that come in a variety of colors apart from red so you can pick a color to match the emotions you’re trying to convey. Flower Advisor offers even more savings when you use the cashback promotions they have here on Shopback.

  • Price: ~$37
  • Website: https://www.shopback.sg/flower-advisor

Surprise Mum with a nice flower bouquet

Flowers can sometimes say things that you struggle to say in real life. It’s a silent expression of emotions that show love, comfort, and encouragement in a way that’s positive. If you find that you’re lost for words, just go on any one of these online florists and get those feelings off your chest.

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