6 Foods You Shouldn’t Consume On An Empty Stomach

In a recent study, it was proven that Singaporeans clock in one of the longest working hours worldwide and as a result, we are often seen skipping out on meals. When this happens, we tend to grab and eat the first things that we find in order to fill up our tummies. Majority of foods are all right when taken on an empty stomach but these foods can cause harm if consumed on an empty stomach so avoid at all costs.

Tomatoes are chock full of pectin and tannin acid. When tomatoes are consumed on an empty stomach, these acids react with the gastrointestinal acids in the stomach to create insoluble gels which can then cause stomach calculus, also known as ‘stomach stones’.

Cold drinks
Your mother was right when she said you should not drink that much cold drinks. Cold beverages will stimulate the stomach and intestines and lead to them contracting. When this happens too often, all sorts of enzymatic chemical reactions will occur and cause gastrointestinal diseases. You should have listened to your mother.

It is a known fact that bananas contain magnesium and eating these delicious yellow fruits on an empty stomach can cause your body to suddenly increase the amount of magnesium and damage the balance between magnesium and calcium your body has. This can be detrimental to your heart and bloody vessels.

Sweet potatoes
Similar to tomatoes, sweet potatoes also contain tannin and pectin acid. Aside from creating ‘stomach stones’, it also forces your stomach to secrete more gastric acid, leading to heartburn, gastric pain, and other forms of discomfort.

Although drinking yoghurt on an empty stomach does not lead to anything horrible, unlike the other foods listed in this article, it will decrease the yoghurt’s health effects. Thus, your digestion will not improve if you drink yoghurt while hungry so don’t even bother.

Perhaps one of the scariest foods to eat on an empty tummy – hawthorn contains a high amount of organic acid, tartaric acid, and citric acid. Consuming them will greatly increase the gastric acid that the stomach secretes, leading to gastric pains and vomitting.

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