6 funniest things a BMT SGT says that we’ll never forget


Last Updated on 2018-01-26 , 2:25 pm

If you’re a guy and trained in Tekong during your BMT period, you’d have known what we are talking about. There are moments in BMT that we will never, ever forget, and this includes our sergeants and the things that they say.

Here are 6 funniest things a BMT sergeant says that we don’t find funny at that time, but find it pretty amusing now when we look back fondly at our Tekong memories.

Did your BMT sergeant say the same thing?

“Start from -10”

A few years, SAF put in place the rule that your sergeant cannot give you more than 20 pushups in one go, so our sergeants put their heads together and came up with a few creative ways to make us do more than 20 pushups.

When you reach 19 pushups, they find a ridiculous reason and say never mind, all start from zero, or just make us recover and go back down again. The most creative way goes to, all of you, start from -10. Then you realise you need to do 30 pushups to reach 20 counts. Well done.

“Fall in the pebbles”

Remember how we used to wait to rush, and rush to wait? We’ll be sitting at the company line waiting for instructions, and I bet you remember the boredom settling in and the multiple pebbles on the ground, right?


Well, like all bored, energetic boys, you’d start playing with the pebbles, until the sergeant caught you. He’d tell you to fall in the rocks, and you have to arrange the pebbles in rows of three, number off and you’d have to go, one, two, three, four and one blank sergeant!

The clincher will be when he tell you to keluar baris them. Then everybody laughs at you.

“The wall is falling”

If you’re ever caught leaning against the wall, your sergeant who comes along and catch you will say the wall is falling, then you know everything jialat already.

“Kiss the tree and come back”

This sentence is the best, and different variations were even shown in the first movie of Ah Boys to Men. Your sergeant will tell you, see that tree, kiss the tree and come back and the entire section will run to the tree and kiss it, before running back as fast as you can. Rinse and repeat until he’s happy.


“My grandmother can run faster than you”

You don’t know what kind of woman his grandmother is, but she sure sounds like a fucking badass.

“Wear helmet cannot think right…”

Usually said in an ominous tone, you’d scramble to take off your helmet and answer him, but then he goes wear green cannot think right, then you’d be stuck there liao.

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