6 Genius Kitchen Hacks You Need in Your Life

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Apart from preparing food to fuel body and mind, kitchens today now have a dual function of gathering friends and family to hang around. To fulfil its utilitarian purpose without comprising on style, it is important to keep the kitchen organised and clean.

Here are some simple tips you can follow to have a clutter-free kitchen.


*For cookware and bulkier items

Pots and pans tend to take up a lot of space. Keep the one you frequently used at the kitchen work area and stow away the rest. To make the most out of storage space, consider getting an overhead rack and place all cooking utensils there. Not only will it save storage space, it will create an interesting kitchen decoration.

For your plates, bowls, baking trays and containers

Stack bowls and containers of the same size to save storage space. Similarly, place smaller bowls/containers in bigger bowls/containers. In addition, you can put a small double shelf in your cabinet to store your plates. Keep small plates above and big plates at the bottom. This will keep them organised and easy to grab. Use the same concept when it comes to storing bowls. Otherwise, organise using vertical shelf dividers.

Image: containerstore.com

For awkward corners

Lazy Susan can also be useful in the kitchen, especially for one with awkward corners. It provides easy access to your stuff and you need not get down on all fours in order to reach the back of the cabinet, works best on narrow cabinets.

Image: homedesignplans.com


If you have lots of labelled jars at home, we recommend using a tiered shelf to get a clear overall view on your items. You will be able to find exactly what you are looking for in short order.

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Put away all bulky items that you almost never use

Keep only the most essential things in your kitchen. When you organise your cabinets, always place the items you use most frequently at the front and leave the rest at the back. Moreover, fill upper cabinets with stuff you use less often and keep the most important kitchenware in accessible cabinets.

Use magazine holders for freezer shelves

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Need your space in your freezers?
Use magazine holders to add more shelves to your appliance. They are perfect for flat items.


Vertical storage

Vertical storage is one of the best ways to make the most of your space. If you happen to have a free space in the kitchen where you can place a roll-out pantry, just take advantage of it.

Image: busyworkingmama.com

Keep your kitchen clutter-free, clean and organised. Make sure to follow them so that the heart of your home always looks at its best.


The article is contributed by Anna Amone, from TenancyCleaners Ealing.

Images sourced from interior designers on Qanvast: DistinctIdentity,Versaform, Linear Space Concepts, Project File, and 82.

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