6 haunted places in NTU that everyone should avoid after midnight

Being a huge campus, NTU does have its fair share of ghost stories. With the high-stress level in this metropolitan city today, NTU also have its fair share of suicide cases every year.

Many tales were dismissed as an urban legend to scare the freshmen, especially those that involves the sightings in halls – inevitable as it is, you can’t expect such a huge campus to be completely free of such supernatural phenomenon, can you?

What’s more, the university grounds is less than 800m from the tombstones still standing at the Choa Chu Kang cemeteries, making it the hotbed for ghost stories. But today, let me share the few places in the campus that will send shivers down your spine at night.

1. Nanyang Lake

Rumour has it that a female undergraduate drowned in the Nanyang Lake and her spirit still haunts the lake and the surrounding every now and then. Back in the ‘90s, a female undergraduate that was staying in Hall 2 was thrown into the lake as a part of her birthday prank. To the horror of her horrible friends, she could not swim and was ignored as she struggled and screamed for help. In the end, she drowned and her body was never found. Her spirit haunts the lake and the surroundings of Hall 2, in search of revenge. Another rendition of the story was that the girl was waiting for the boyfriend to appear by the lake, where she was accidentally pushed into the lake and drowned. Her spirit then remained by the lake to wait for her loved one. No matter what the story is, the roads surrounding Nanyang Lake, Hall 4, Hall 2 and the stretch of private houses are definitely one of the darkest places ever to walk in after night falls. Do you think you would dare to cut through to HSS past midnight? With all the croaking of the toad, hissing of the crickets and the occasional tinge of cold wind, it will definitely send shivers down your spine.

2. Chinese Heritage Centre

The CHC is a traditional architecture that sits in the heart of NTU. It beautiful architecture and surrounding attracts lots of foreign visitors to the campus. It is also one of the places that students must pass by while making their way out to “Ah Fang” for supper… and that is when shit happens. Despite it being dimly lighted up at night, it was said that the lights inside the CHC can be seen flickering when people walk past it via HSS at the back. Ghostly figures were also spotted hanging around the building.

3. Yun Nan Garden

Situated right opposite the CHC, Yun Nan garden is another pitch dark area at night where all there will be is one lighted security post. I really wonder sometimes how that security uncle is brave enough to be stationed at the post every night. It is really dark and the stone path out to the overhead bridge is really rocky. The pavilions always give people the illusion of having someone inside it… just that we can’t see them.

4. Bend outside Hall 7 and WKW

It was that tree, that tree near Blk 36 at the bend that ghostly sightings were reported. Time to ask around to see if the Hall 7 folks knew anything about it…

5. Old Lamp Post Opposite Hall 12

It was also reported that people have seen figures running near this disused lamp-post which seems to flicker on and off. This lamp-post is in a no man’s land, it seems. As long as you don’t go near it at night, I guess its fine.

6 NIE Pond

Seems like NTU’s ponds and lakes are pretty scary at night. NIE pond is famous for it’s loud and invisible frogs croaking past midnight all night long. According to freshmen living at Hall 12 opposite the pond, the pond possesses something really dirty that caused skin infection after being thrown in (it’s a birthday prank again, NTU people loves such thing). You are warned. Whatever it is, some parts of NTU campus can be really dark when night falls. So please do get somebody to accompany you if you are going to pass by these places…

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