6 Interesting facts about Yvonne Lim (林湘萍) that you probably didn’t know

Do you remember this fresh-faced actress who never seemed to age? I’m sure you do. After all, she’s well-known for her petite frame and amazing performance on television.

After marrying ex-Taiwanese boyband B.A.D member Alex Tien, she moved to Taiwan in May 2015 with her husband and 5-month-old baby son. Here are 6 interesting facts about her that you probably didn’t know.

She craved for Singapore food when she first moved to Taiwan
In an interview on 4 June, she admitted that she already have cravings for local food. She had tried looking for Singapore food in Taiwan, but the closest she could find was Ya Kun, whose taste is different from the ones we have here. She revealed that she’s gotten friends to get Singaporean food products for her.

She studied engineering
Wait, what?! Yes, that’s right, she was studying for a Diploma in Electronic, Computer & Communication Engineering at Singapore Polytechnic back in 1996. Well, who says it’s hard to find pretty girls in engineering courses, right?

She was an extremely shy girl
In an interview with SP’s alumni magazine, she claimed that she was an extremely shy girl and was convinced by her friends to take part in Miss Singapore Polytechnic beauty pageant where she finished first runner-up.

She was scouted even though she was eliminated from Star Search in the finals
She went for Star Search Singapore 1997, and although she wasn’t the winner of the competition, she was still offered a contract by Television Corporation of Singapore (TCS).

She isn’t just an actress in Singapore
She’s more well-known for her roles in acting, but she did record a Mandarin solo album back in 2000, and also acted with Anita Yuen, Kent Cheng and Felix Wong in a Hong Kong courtroom drama, Innocently Guilty.

She’s hit some rough patches in relationships before
Everyone does, but her story takes the icing on the cake. She was dating this businessman who was a known playboy, and he popped the question to her out of the blue. She agreed because she thought he’s changed and even started looking for a house together; in fact, their parents have even met with each other to discuss the union.

She came to find out that there was a third party in the relationship, but she kept quiet because she wanted the relationship to work, so much so that when he ordered for her to not call or message him, and he will come to her if he wants to, she complied. She went into depression and contemplated suicide. We’re glad that she never followed through with that thought and got into a happier relationship with her current husband, Alex Tien.

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