6 Interesting Things about Tiger Beer That You Probably Didn’t Know

All Singaporeans will definitely have known of Tiger Beer. Singapore’s first locally-brewed beer, it is the national beer for Singapore. Think back to your NSF days, during company cohesion days or events, the only alcohol available will be Tiger beer, and remember how your encik make you drink it by the can.

Simply because SG50, let us bring you 6 interesting things about this locally-brewed beer.

It is a local brand that went international.
Other than being a local brand, Tiger beer is available in more than 60 countries and has garnered more than 40 international awards.

Tiger is encouraging young people to take the less trodden path
Tiger Beer underwent a transformation in May 2014 and repositioned itself globally as a symbol of courage, encouraging young people to ‘unleash the tiger inside’ and ‘take the leap to follow their passions and dreams’. Its global brand positioning “Tiger Uncaged” has ran hogshod over traditional beer advertising.

The stories created around its repositioning for ‘Tiger Uncaged’ in 2014 was so inspiring, but reminded me of Thai advertisements
Remember the Thai advertisements that will definitely reduce you to tears? They were widely shared on Facebook not for the products they promote, but the stories they tell? Watching the inspiring videos advertising for the new Tiger Beer reminded me of these adverts.

The secret in the packaging
This was told to me by someone and I found an article about this online as well: Apparently, the alphabet ‘g’ in tiger looks like an ‘8’, which is an auspicious number. Maybe this was put in to symbolize that Tiger Beer will huat ah!

Tiger’s brewing process
Tiger claims to use the finest malt, hops and yeast and have over 200 quality checks as part of a strict brewing process that takes over 500 hours.

A blast from the past for Tiger beer
According to InSing, a stash of old Tiger Beer artefacts have been found in an abandoned World War II bunker by blogger Jerome Lim who documented his finds in his photography blog on 2 March 2015. His finds include old photographs, a Tiger beer can and a vintage Kodak camera.

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