6 jobs that have a higher chance of having supernatural encounters


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Encounters of the supernatural are a common tale that is shared among everyone. However some people are more prone to encountering beings from the afterlife due to their job scope and luck. Here are some jobs which may put one at higher chance of encountering ghosts.

Doctors and nurses
There are many stories recorded of healthcare professionals who encounter patients who have recently departed and or of those which refuse to move on to the other world. Many of these healthcare professionals despite these encounters choose to not acknowledge it and carry out their duties professionally.

Religious workers
Religious workers such as priests or imams are at higher risks of encountering ghosts or spirits as they are usually the ones who provide advice to these troubled souls, often they are sought to help ease the spirits of the departed to move on to the afterlife.

Paramedics are usually the first to attend to the casualties at the scene of the accident and they encounter deaths at these places frequently. Reports of paramedics who witness the ghosts of victims who linger around the scenes of accidents are a common tale shared amongst many.

The police are tasked with upholding the law and it seems that this duty also applies to the afterlife. Policemen are often at the scenes of crimes, accidents or suicides. Often or not the victims of these cases have passed on without any closure and they may turn to the police from beyond the grave to help them seek justice.

Funeral Director
Working as a funeral director requires one to be in contact with the dead on a daily basis. This requires a lot of courage as they are the ones on hand to ensure that the dead are sent off onto the afterlife looking their best and with respect. Funeral directors have often shared tales of ghosts who linger around their bodies to ensure that all preparations for their funeral are smooth and that their transition to the afterlife is properly carried out.


Taxi Driver
Taxi Drivers often work on the midnight shift so as to earn additional income and sometimes they encounter otherworldly passengers who request them to drive to a secluded or not well known spot, only for the driver to realise the address given is either an abandoned building or a graveyard and that their passenger has disappeared without any explanation, only leaving behind a fare consisting of hell notes.

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