6 “lifesaving” things to bring to BMT…that are not in the packing list, of course


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:56 pm

You are enlisting soon and have received the packing list of what to bring for your days in camp, but what else can make your life better in there? Here, I share with you based on personal experience what items you can bring into camp and how they might make your life a little more comfortable in there, as well as some very important items that you may overlook.

Just a declaration that this list is in no way official and should only be used for personal enrichment purpose. Well, sort of.

1. Clothes Hangers
To hang your clothes and outside your bunks (duh!). But take note to either label all of them or get a really unique coloured one (like gold). Those hangers with a rotatable hook are best as you can hang it anywhere, including on your bed frame. Oh, for your info, these are not for your cupboard. In BMT, other than a small drawer, your cupboard is not your cupboard.

2. Febreeze
Probably every NSF’s treasure. This genius invention keeps your clothes smelling fresh without having to wash them. If you’re the enhanced intake batch, you might not get enough admin time to wash your uniform. This literally lets you spray and go, but remember that it may soften your uniform, so your Smart 4 may not be that smart after tha— if you’re that particular about it. Not reccomanded for your Smartest 4, through (only people who are in the army will know what is a “Smartest 4)…
Another thing is that the BMT bedsheets aren’t really that clean either, so you might want to spray some Febreeze on it to kill some bacteria to keep your mind at ease.

3. Snake Brand Prickly Heat Powder
If there’s one thing you can bring, this is one. This helps keep body parts like your feet or armpits (and of course, the…”you-know-where”) dry, not to mention comfortable by applying before sleeping. You need not get this specific brand, as SAF Powder works as well. You’ll understand the importance of it during your field camp.

4. Salonpas or Yoko-yoko
Think this is only for old folks? You can never be more wrong about that! After some vigorous PT or SOC, your muscles are going to feel the strain. Applying this will speed up recovery for the crazily packed schedule.


5. “3-in-1” Shampoo/Soap/Facial Wash
If you’re not really particular about having only conditioner/shampoo on your hair and body soap on your body, this is a good item to have as it’s all in 1 bottle. Beating the queue to shower would be much easier as you only have to grab 1 bottle of these 3 functions. And beating the queue is important in BMT.

6. Powerbanks
You will not be allowed to charge your phone in bunk, especially as a recruit where your sergeants will check your bunks regularly. So bringing one powerbank that can last you at least a week worth of charging would be a good thing compared to sneakily using the power point..

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