6 Main Reasons Why It’s Better to Ride A Motorcycle in Singapore


In the wake of sky-high COE prices and increasing traffic on the roads here, many Singaporeans have been switching from cars to motorcycle for their daily commute. Here are 6 reasons why that’s a wise decision.

1. It’s Cheaper In All Aspects
Aside from the big obvious difference between the price of a bike and car, a rider also saves a significant amount on parking charges, petrol, tax, maintenance and ERP charges. A rider usually pays 50% less for ERP charges as compared to bikes and has a fuel consumption rate of 30-40km/litre as compared to the average of 10-15km/litre for cars.

2. It gets you to your destination faster
A bike doesn’t need to speed faster than a car but its ability to squeeze right between traffic always puts it ahead.  Technically it’s illegal but authorities seem to turn a blind eye towards lane splitting. Some researches also indicated that lane splitting, the act of riding between lanes, if done in a proper and careful manner, can be safer for riders and lessen traffic congestions.

3. It’s Easier to Park
How many times have you waited in your car for a lot to be vacated? On bikes, you do not have to worry about parking spaces, as there are usually plenty of allocated lots or ‘improvised’ parking lots if you know what I mean.

4. It’s Easier to Maintain
Motorcycles are much easier to maintain as they run on fewer parts than cars. On most commuter motorcycles, they do not possess complex technologies that require special maintenance. Basic servicing usually takes a fraction of the time taken for cars.

5. It Keeps You Alert
One of the major causes of accidents on the roads is inattentiveness. You get so comfortable in an air conditioning car that sometimes your mind wanders, and you may even fall asleep during long boring drive. Riding a motorcycle on the other hand, gives you an adrenalin rush as you ride through the wind. There are hardly any incidents of riders falling asleep behind the handlebars.

6. It’s Fun!
To sum it all up, I’ll leave you with a quote from a renowned racing driver, four-time Formula 1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel, “Motorcycle riding gives you a sense of freedom which you don’t get in a car. Your senses take on a different significance. You have no radio, but you don’t need it, either. You smell the surroundings and take more notice of them than in a convertible. You can stop wherever you want, get off, even in town. That’s where the motorcycle is really unbeatable. You’re not strapped into the vehicle like you are in a car. I think it’s a shame that the motorcycle doesn’t have the same status for young people that it once had.”