6 main reasons why girls reject ‘nice’ guys—all ‘nice guys’ need to know this


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There’s a saying that I strongly disagree: “Nice guys finish last.” Firstly, I’ve nothing against nice guys; it’s the definition of “nice” that I disagree with.

Nice guys don’t finish last—weak guys do. Nice guys don’t need to be weak.

What do I mean by that? Basically, it means this: the main reason why girls reject “good” guys is because many “nice guys” are weak. Speaking of which, these are the reasons why girls reject “nice” guys:

1. They lack directions in both their life and everything
Oh, yes, boys and girls, I’m referring to those nice guys who want the girls to make every single decision. They’ll ask you out and then want you to decide where to go. Once, it’s fine. Twice, you’re showing that you’re weak. Three times and strike: you’ve proven that you don’t have a direction in both dates and life. How can you expect a girl to be with a guy who doesn’t know what he wants?

2. They can’t seem to protect themselves
In one word: weak. Remember mother’s boy? They exhibit traits much like one, and sometimes, might be even more pronounced. Yes, they’re nice, but what’s the use when you can’t even protect yourself? You give me the impression that you can’t protect your girl, too.

3. They play it waaaaayyyy too safe
…so safe that they dare not even touch the girl during a selfie. If you’re so easily intimidated, then you need to work on your courage instead of finding a girlfriend.


4. They’re so nice, they become a friend instead
There’s a difference between being romantically attracted to someone and being attracted to someone as a friend. A nice guy can attract many people; a boyfriend-worthy guy can attract many girls. Don’t be a nice guy if you want to be romantically involved with others.

5. They’re possessive, needs constant attention and make a mountain out of a molehill
Okay, true story here: once, my friend rejected a guy. That guy went the “oh, I’m rejected because I’m too nice” thingy and suddenly acted like my girlfriends who were having petty arguments. I mean, for a girl to do that, it’s reasonable and understandable, but for a guy…it’s a big turn-off. Be a man, not a girl.

6. They’re so boring
Nice guys are so nice that the things they’ve done are nice and nice and nice and nice and nice. Nice like having dinner, watching movies and just, you know, going to the library. Not for me, definitely. Are you a nice guy? Of course, this is merely a subjective view from a twenty-one-year-old, but isn’t this the prime age for relationships?

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