6 main reasons why it’s better to have an honest boyfriend than a nice boyfriend


Last Updated on 2016-05-20 , 2:42 pm

We humans are often very ironic; we demand honesty from people, but we refuse to hear the truth. We don’t react well to the truth at times because, well, the truth can hurt.

But would you rather your boyfriend be honest or would you prefer to listen to to sugar-coated lies? I’d think it’s the former, right? Here are 6 main reasons why it’s better to have an honest boyfriend than a nice boyfriend. And by nice, we mean someone who won’t tell the truth because he simply doesn’t want to offend others.

Tell you everything
They are like your best friend, they can tell you everything and anything. They’ll want you to know the truth and they tell you the truth because you’re worth that much. Because he only wants the best for you.

Has character, integrity, dependable and trustable
These are the traits he possesses if he is willing to show his honesty. He has character and integrity. Plus you can always depend on him to tell you the truth when you have food stuck between your teeth.

You have space for self-improvement
 He may be straight up about flaws which he cannot accept so both of you can have a proper discussion on how to solve the problem or self-improve on your own qualities. It’s better than he keeping it inside and letting the problem erupt one day out of the blue, right?

Know what’s happening even if it hurt your feelings
You will want to know and understand the truth, even if it hurts your feelings. We are curious creatures and we rather know about it than to be kept in the dark. This is why we seek honesty in the people we love.


Don’t waste time
We don’t waste time or we waste lesser time trying to figure out if he really meant it or not. If you know how he truly feels, you can expect to have less confusion and miscommunication.

They’re smart and responsible
They are smart people; they don’t exhaust themselves to cover up the truth. They’ll let you in on the truth and face the consequences (if there are any). This is also a sign of responsibility, isn’t it?

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