6 Most Common Complaints Men Would Have After Marriage

Just married? Or married for years already? Either way, after you are married, you will have many complaints about marriage life. Well, married gentlemen, do you find yourself having these complaints all the time as well? Married ladies, look out and see if you actually do these things.

Complain about wife’s complaints
This is not a tongue twister, this is the ultimate truth. When your wife goes “look at the family next door, the husband is blah blah blah”, you start to switch off. You wonder what it is about you that makes her always compare and always being annoyed with you. You wonder, where is that supportive girlfriend who was always behind me no matter what I do? Too bad, marriage means more weaknesses exposed and more chances for complaints about every single little thing.

Complain about wife’s nagging
And even if she doesn’t complain about you, she will definitely nag you. You feel like every part of your life is determined by her nagging and everything you do seem to be under her close watch. “Take the rubbish out!”, “Put your dark coloured clothes in another basket!” and “Change the light bulb already!” are things you are really sick of hearing.

Complain about not having enough sex
And you probably thought marriage was the best excuse. But the term “enough” and “sex” really differ for men and women. While men don’t understand why their wives do not initiate or want sex, women don’t understand why a relationship is measured that way. Men feel that physical intimacy is the way to emotional intimacy; women think the exact opposite. Stop the arguing and fighting. Start being nicer to your wives. And you will gain what you want.

Complain about being bored with your wife
You start to wonder why your wife does not dress up or put on make up anymore. You wonder why her hair looks so boring when what you fell for was her long silky hair. Even the prettiest or sexiest or cutest woman can look boring after you spend 1000 days seeing her the first thing every morning and the last thing every night. The same routine and the same habits, the way she does anything is just boring to you.

Complain about your wife being bored with you
Men are such funny beings. Now you think that you’re the boring one. Just like what you think about your wife, you know this is how your wife thinks of you. Then, maybe it’s time to stop thinking and start shaking things up a little. Reignite that passion in both your hearts.

Complain about kids being more important than husband
When you have kids, everything is about the parenting. When you talk about a relaxing trip, she talks about enrolling kids in school. When she’s always playing the good, kind mother, you must play the bad, fierce father. Everything and anything is about the kids. You stop hearing her ask about you career and stop you from going out. She simply asks about the kids’ studies and stop them from going out. You feel like she has no more affection towards you.


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