6 Most Luxurious Pools for High SES People to Humblebrag on Instagram

A good swimming pool is a perfect addition to a great hotel. You might have guessed that it doesn’t cost just a dime to construct a pool that is big in size. Size certainly isn’t the wow factor in these pools we’re about to show you. Well, they aren’t exactly the tiniest pools either. Hold your thoughts on what you think might constitute the most luxurious pools in the world right now, for they’ll definitely pale in comparison to some of these billion dollar pools.

Velassaru Maldives

Where: Male City, Maldives

velassaru maldives
Image Credit: Booking.com

It is hard to contest an uninterrupted ocean view that extends beyond the horizon, where also the end of this grandiose of a pool meets the glimmering Indian Ocean. A mere 25 minutes from Malé’ International Airport, this place looks like a page straight out of a travel catalogue. Busk in the privacy of your seaside villa while enjoying the sounds of the waves. Check out Booking.com for a stay at Velassaru Maldives!

Marina Bay Sands

Where: Singapore

marina bay sands
Image Credit: Booking.com

‘A ship on top of 3 buildings.’ – I find no better description to this day to describe this marvel of an architecture. The novelty of this completely ordinary stunt to place an elongated boat-like giant on top of 3 towering buildings to us Singaporeans may have worn off years ago, but you can’t deny that placing an infinity pool at such great heights is a feat of strength.

Take a dip in the world’s largest rooftop infinity pool while having a view of the Central Business District of Singapore literally right before your eyes. It almost feels as though you’re on a levitating island with the loungers and palm trees hanging above. If you’re a local and have yet to visit this landmark of the world, what are you waiting for, book a stay today!

Delamore Lodge

Where: Oneroa, New Zealand

delamore lodge
Image Credit: Booking.com

The Delamore Lodge boasts itself of its intimate proximity to the flora and fauna around this luxury of a lodge. Waddle to the edge of the tropical pool by the lodge’s courtyard to a panoramic view of the Hauraki Gulf; perhaps even spot fleets of dolphins and whales, an occurrence so abundant, it is almost guaranteed to catch sight these cetaceans in its full glory.

Like salt and pepper to a good steak, a view so picturesque is nothing without the accompanying spacious suites each equipped with a private patio. Living right at nature’s doorstep yet you’re within the comfort of a 5-stars hotel, this experience is truly one of a kind.

Six Senses Yao Noi

Where: Ko Yao Noi, Thailand

ko yao noi, thailand
Image Credit: Booking.com

A good switch up from the Bangkok Jam, Ko Yao Noi Island is still very much left out of many travellers’ radar. Just east of Phuket where the Six Senses Yao Noi resort is nestled, Ko Yao Noi is strategically situated amongst a cluster of islands that are just a speedboat ride away.

I know we’re all about the pool extravaganza on this list; though Six Senses Yao Noi doesn’t have the most intricate looking pools on this list, the view from each villa’s private pool is to die for. Gaze into the horizon of pristine aqua blue waters while lounging on the private balcony of your apartment while indulging in the personalized butler service assigned to you.

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A little burnt out from the sun? A variety of activities like wine tasting sessions, Thai cooking classes to make sure you’re fruitfully spending your time even when you’re indoors.

Hanging Gardens of Bali

Where: Payangan, Indonesia

payangan indonesia
Image Credit: Booking.com

Hanging by the edge of a cliff as the name of the resort suggests, the Hanging Gardens of Bali (spoiler: it is not in Bali) offers spacious villas with private infinity-edged pools surrounded by beautiful lush vegetation. This is the closest anyone could get to having an upscale resort experience in the middle of a rainforest.

The recurring theme of this list seems to be the priceless view each resort brings and the Hanging Gardens of Bali definitely does not fall lesser to the resorts mentioned earlier.

City of Stars Sharm el Sheikh

Where: Egypt

City of Stars Sharm el Sheikh
Image Credit: World Record Academy

It took an exorbitant – no, a staggering 5.5 billion to build mega pool located in Egypt’s City of Stars. This ‘pool’ or lagoon covers 30 acres of crystal-clear water. Not only is it a pool, people can also kayak and sail in this mega pool.

What better way to mitigate the Egyptian heat, especially when this mega city is right smack in the middle of the Sinai desert. Also, how could we play down the fact that a huge body of water (3o acres to be exact) had to be transported to somewhere in the middle of a sweltering desert?


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