6 MUST-KNOW tips on making your relationship last


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:43 pm

1. Having quality time together.
There’s a big difference between quality and quantity. If you’re eating together but all you’re doing is checking your smart phone for updates, then you should…you know, think about connecting with your partner in a way that doesn’t involve connecting to the Internet. It’s okay to zone out from time to time as not everyone feels the best every day, but ensure that the vital connection you guys have isn’t lost. Engage with your partner frequently. Stay interested. You want to know what her favourite mamakfood is, not how many hours you can spend on your phone without her noticing.

2. Don’t play the comparison-game.
If you want to ruin your relationship for real, you can do this. Otherwise, stay smart and avoid it. Sure, your partner may upset you from time to time, but you’re not exactly perfect either. Sometimes things don’t go right in life. Maybe you hate your job, maybe your degree isn’t working out, and maybe you guys haven’t been spending a lot of time together. But no matter what, don’t go around making comparisons about how he could have been better, or how things would have been different if your partner was a bit more *insert desirable quality here* (eg: kind, caring, gentlemanly, sensitive, etc, etc). And more importantly, never compare your partner with someone else. Once upon a time, you chose him because you thought he was perfect, remember?

3. Show your appreciation.
Don’t be one of those stubborn, negatively-macho person…the type who die die also don’t want to show any emotion/appreciation for your partner. This also applies to girls too. A lot of couples stop trying after they have each other, which can lead to the romance fizzling awaylike a can of Coke that has lost its fizz (a very bad comparison, but you know what I mean). A bit of appreciation can go a long way – even a simple “thank you” or a tiny, thoughtful gesture (a loving text, maybe a nice back massage after your partner has had a long day at the office) works wonders.

4. Resolve all your arguments.
I can’t stress the importance of this one. Arguments do happen in a relationship, but resolving it makes sure it won’t come and bite you back on the ass in the future. You don’t want any grudges or lingering negative tension, right? Then make sure after every argument, there are apologies and making up to each other that follow. Little problems can become big ones if left unsolved. If your partner doesn’t want to step up and talk, then you’re going to have to be the one to do it first.

5. Include your partner in your future.
If you want this relationship to last fo’ real, then you better start planning because your partner’s going to be there with you at every single step of the way. Actually, this is pretty awesome, and I hope you know that it is. There’s nothing better than sharing your life with your significant other. By discussing your future with your partner, you’re sending a message that you permanently want them in your life.

6. Show…AND tell.
Because both are needed. You need words AND the actions. Very deep, right?


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