6 Non-Physical Self-Defence Tips Everyone Should Know


Last Updated on 2023-05-10 , 1:35 pm

This list applies not only to women, but to all the men out there. Baddies are prominent, especially in Malaysia. This isn’t meant to be a country-deprecating post, but it’s meant to raise awareness. Nowhere is too safe, no self-caution is being too cautious. And of course, there’s always no harm in reading some self-defence tips and spreading it around for awareness – for all you know, it could save your life.

Be Aware of Where you are, your Surroundings, and of the People Around you.

They say a bad thing can happen anywhere, but this chance is heightened if you remain oblivious to your surroundings.

Instead of focusing on your phone (texting/calling/whatever), remain alert to where you are – especially if you’re in an isolated place like a late-night parking lot or an empty park.

More importantly, never ignore your instincts. If you feel like the person standing not too far away from you is watching you in an unnatural way, get the hell outta there.

Look out for signs such as constant staring, aggressive stances, etc. The best self-defence is (ironically) prevention. It’s easier to deal with them when they’re further away from you, not when they’ve already got a grip on you.

If they’re Chasing you, Create a Distraction.

Bad dude’s taking after you and you’re running. What if it’s pretty late at night and it’s just you and your assailant chasing you in some deserted parking lot?


What if you’re not that good at running and your assailant is gaining on you? Creating a distraction in any form helps – this is especially so for muggers who are more interested in money than you.

Toss your purse, wallet, or anything you have on you out towards them.  If all they’re looking for is money, hopefully they’ll stop pursuing you. If they’re not stopping, then hopefully that will at least slow them down a bit for you to gain a bit of distance.

Keep a Clear Head and Do your Best to Create Some Attention.

We’ve all heard of cases where people have been attacked and bystanders have just stood by idly watching, folding their arms with a tidak-apaattitude (where they pretty much are fearful for their own lives themselves).

Nevertheless, screaming and running into crowded places may help in deterring the baddie…or at least, it’ll hopefully shock them a bit. Baddies are looking for easy targets – by keeping your head clear and showing them that you’re trouble, they may change their mind about you.

If Someone Follows you into a Lift, Press All the Floor Buttons so that you Stop at Every Floor.

If you’re leaving the office late at night or in your apartment lift and someone’s following you, press all the floor buttons.

Baddies will be more reluctant to attack when the lift stops at every single floor. Best case scenario: you leave alive and unharmed; worst case scenario: you look like a weirdo for hammering at the lift buttons as if your life depended on it.

Still, your life trumps appearing like a weirdo, so trust your gut instinct and pull this tactic out when you feel like it.

Don’t Present Yourself as an Easy Target.

Ladies, we have it tough. I understand, and I get it. It’s unfair, but sometimes taking some precautions help.

As mentioned, baddies are looking for easy target. Presenting yourself as some tough badass helps.

My mum always had this idea of carrying an umbrella (not those mini foldable ones, I’m talking about super-mega-fly umbrellas that are could virtually block out every single raindrop from falling onto your head) whenever she went out for walks, so that she could swash-buckle like a ninja any bad guy who attempted to do something nasty.

Also, ladies – ponytails are easy to pull, so sometimes it works letting your hair down just for a change.

If Someone Drags you Onto a Car, Make Sure they Crash and Burn.

Strangle them from behind. Watch as car crashes into nearby traffic light/car and watch as people rush by to help you guys out.

Even if it could be risky, anything’s better than whatever these kidnappers are planning on doing to you otherwise.

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