6 Parkour Classes in S’pore to Look Cool in IG Stories

Image: GymKraft & Move Academy Singapore

When one mentions parkour, the first thing that usually comes to mind is a dangerous sport that involves a person leaping up and down walls like Spiderman (minus the webs).

Parkour is not as dangerous as many people perceive it to be. Here are some classes to teach you how to do it safely and responsibly.

1) A2 Movements Ladies Parkour Classes

Who told you that women can’t do parkour? For those of you ladies out there who are keen to learn some cool new tricks, you can always attend A2 Movements Ladies Parkour Training Classes. Each training session is generally made up of roughly 5 to 10 female students from all kinds of backgrounds, so even if you are just a beginner, you don’t have to feel worried about not being good enough.

Every class is 90-minutes long and follows a broad structure of warm-up, technical training, strength conditioning and warm-down that varies every week. There are also multiple packages you can opt for depending on how your schedule is like, so it really is quite flexible!

A2 Movements Ladies Parkour Classes
Location: Parkour Gym Singapore – Free Runner Lodge – A2 Parkour, #01-01 261 Lavender St
Tel: 9184 9744
Day: Every Monday
Time: 7.15pm – 8.45pm

Get your class pass here!

2) GymKraft Parkour Kids and Adults Parkour Classes

parkour classes: gymkraft adults and kids
Image Source: GymKraft

Gymkraft offers classes for both adults and kids, so if you and your kid are both interested in parkour, you can both join classes at Gymkraft! The classes here are scaled so that people of different levels of skills will be able to handle the lessons.

The lessons here for both kids and adults last 90-minutes and the lessons involve activities that aim to improve total body fitness, core strength, spatial awareness, agility, coordination, precision as well as control.

GymKraft Parkour Kids and Adults Parkour Classes 
 100 Guillemard Rd, Singapore 399718
Tel: 9128 4644
Day: Every Saturday and Sunday
Time: 3pm to 4.30pm and 4.30pm to 6pm

3) MOVE Academy Singapore Parkour Classes For Adults

parkour classes: move academy singapore
Image Source: Move Academy Singapore

MOVE Academy aims to bring the vast health benefits of parkour to different generations of Singapore because they have personally witnessed many cases of positive transformations from people who practice the sport.

They have different classes that are 2-hours long for people of different skill levels, so you can always choose a class that best suits how skilled you already are at the sport. Each class starts off with a series of basics skills and then students are encouraged to get out of their comfort zones and get more familiar with other more complex movements and techniques.

MOVE Academy Singapore Parkour Classes For Adults
 43 Carpenter St, #02-01, Singapore 059922
Tel: 9632 3690
Day: Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays
Time: 7.30pm to 9.30pm, 3pm to 5pm and 10am to 12pm depending on schedule

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4) Parkour Singapore for Adults

parkour classes: parkour singapore for adults
Image Source: Vulcan Post

Singapore Parkour is one of the more popular places for people to learn parkour at and they’ve been at it since September 2016. Their classes are taught by a team of top certified Parkour coaches who have combined experience of over 20 years, so you know that you are in good hands.

Each session lasts for 2-hours and every parkour class teaches you how to overcome obstacles through jumping, running, climbing, vaulting, rolling, swinging, balancing and crawling. They also have monthly parkour jams every last Sunday of the month which is free and open for anyone of any skillset to allow everyone to learn from each other and make new friends.

Parkour Singapore for Adults
Location: Kraken, Buangkok and Bedok Maze
Day: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays
Time: 7pm – 9pm, 7.30pm – 9.30pm, 11am – 1pm, 10am – 12pm (respectively)

5) Superfly Monkey Dragons Parkour Classes Family Parkour Classes

parkour classes: superfly monkey
Image Source: Superfly Singapore

Superfly Monkey Dragons has an experienced international team that aims to give you the vest best parkour experience as well as help you to master your body and mind. They have been conducting classes since 2012 and have plenty of experience, so you know that you’re in a safe environment.

Here, they offer different classes for people of different skill sets, but if you’re a family who’s looking for a place to learn the sport with your kids, this is the place to be! During the classes, kids will be taught how to balance, land, roll, jump, climb and vault, which are the essential steps needed to master the art of parkour itself. Each class lasts for an hour and there are various lesson timings to suit your schedules.

Superfly Monkey Dragons Parkour Classes Family Parkour Classes
 11 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238826
Tel: 9448 8348
Day and Time: Classes have various timings on different days. 

Here are some family-friendly things to do, if you’re not into parkour.

6) Training by Glen Adult Parkour Classes

parkour classes: training by glen
Image Source: Training by Glen

Coach Glen and his team have both private and group classes which are great for people who want to have some form of control over the training scheme. All the coaches here have at least 13 years of professional experience so you know that you’ll be getting the best and only the best.

Whats great about getting classes here is the fact that they are incredibly flexible with the timings and locations. You can tailor each lesson to suit your own personal needs and schedules, which is great for people who are very busy. Each class also goes according to your own personal skill sets so you don’t have to compete with anyone else.

Training by Glen Adult Parkour Classes
 Flexible and discussable
Tel: 98450655
Day and Time: Flexible

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