6 Phrases that will make any Soldier Balls Shrink When They Hear Them during Outfield


Last Updated on 2017-06-21 , 7:14 pm

We have all heard horror stories about outfield when you are an NSF, either stories about the toughness of what they have went through or stories about the commanders who just loves to tekan them. This is my take on the 6 phrases that will make any soldiers’ balls shrink when you hear them during outfield.

Contacted! – you have to go into prone position immediately no matter where you are standing. Doesn’t sound so bad? Wait till your sadistic commander call this out when you are standing in a puddle of mud.

Arti! Arti! – anytime you hear this, you confirm sian one. Drop everything and take cover and after that, you know you will have to move.

Intelligence has…/Command Center said… – this is the start of any missions that you have to undergo.

Casuvac! – carry the casualty until you reach a certain checkpoint. If you happen to be in the obese companies, good luck to you; commanders love to choose the heaviest guy to be the casualty.

Sniper! Sniper! – other than running for the nearest cover, you can be sure that you will have casualty (if you are lucky) or casualties in your team by the end of it.


Tiger Force! – the team you definitely don’t want to belong to when you’re outfield; if you ever hear this command being used, be prepared to run a longer distance with your wife. More often than not, time passes by in a blur since you are too busy catching your breath and trying to catch up with your commander.

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