6 Practical Gifts You Can Buy For Your Bf/Gf This Valentine’s Day!


You can’t go wrong with an iPhone 7

Many guys cannot resist the pull of tech giant, Apple, and will be happy to take up any products they have to offer. Apple’s branding is so on point that their iPhone just oozes style and innovation that makes it a coveted item that is part of a lifestyle.

Doesn’t hurt that the iPhone comes in a sleek design and boasts a dramatically improved camera system at 12 megapixels, added image stabilisation and wider aperture for low light shooting. Top this up with increased battery life and this phone is perfect for everyday use and snap away at every couple date.


An iPhone 7 retails from $1048, enjoy 8% rebate* when you purchase at Courts in the form of Accessory Voucher (to be utilised on the same day of purchase).

Action cameras

If your significant other is an avid fan of sports or outdoor activity, a GoPro will definitely be somewhere in his bucket list. It is famed for being a super lightweight but high-performance video camera that can show a variety of unique camera perspectives with different mount options.


According to various online reviews, in addition to superb image quality, the GoPro Hero 5 also has great microphones to pick up sounds, improved image stabilization and built-in waterproof function without a case. Sounds like they took all the best features from previous versions of GoPro cameras and put it into this awesome product.

Get the GoPro Hero 5 together with FujiFilm Instax Mini 8 at a special bundle price of $799* at Courts.

Wet & Dry Electric Shaver

Just like every girl needs a good hairdryer, every guy needs a good shaver. An electric razor is good for dry shaving and only takes a couple of minutes without having to wet your face and lather before shaving. It’s portability to use it anywhere, even in the office before meetings are great for busy people. On the other hand, the regular wet razor with shaving cream gives a closer shave.


Get a shaver that can do both with Philips shaver series 9000 wet and dry electric shaver. Enjoy a bundle price of $384* when you purchase it with Philips Visapure Facial Cleanser at Courts. 


Limited-edition Hello Kitty Tablet

Most ladies can’t resist the word limited-edition, top of it off with something cute and it’s really hard to resist. Check out the Hello Kitty Grace 10 LIGHT 2-IN-1 tablet PC that comes with an exclusive Hello Kitty cover and snap-on keyboard. It’s great for the ladies weighing at just 600g so it doesn’t add too much load to their handbags and it’s easy to carry around anywhere.


It retails from $399* at Courts but you can save even more if you purchase it with the limited-edition Avengers AVR116T 2-IN-1 Tablet at a special bundle price of $778* with Courts.

Get a couple watch

One of the common couple-to-do-list will definitely have couple accessories. Guys might not find it a big deal but having a couple item for girls evokes a kind of special feeling. Wearing it and looking at it reminds her of her significant other. Get a couple watch and double it up as a fitness tracker and encourage one another to exercise regularly.


Fitbit Blaze Fitness Smartwatch retails S$318* at Courts. Get it with Fibit Alta Fitness Tracker Plum at a bundle price of $399*.

Grooming Essentials

A lot of effort is put behind into a girl’s personal grooming to keep that perfect appearance, especially with body hair.

While traditional methods may only temporarily remove body hair and would grow back in a short time, Braun’s Venus Silk-expert IPL is able to put hair follicles to sleep after the initial shave and helps break the cycle of hair regrowth to achieve a more permanent effect. It’s IPL technology is able to adapt to your skin and adjust the light intensity accordingly.


Enjoy a bundle price of $599* when you purchase it with Braun’s Satin Hair 3 travel dryer and S1190 Shaver at Courts.

*Prices and deals indicated are only available at Courts Valentine’s Day Event on 10 February at Courts Orchard, exclusively for Plus! Members. The first 100 Plus! Members to visit the store will receive a $20 Courts voucher too when you present your Plus! Card. See more event details.

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