6 Questions You Need To Ask Before Getting Married

Getting married is a big deal. Most of us grow up dreaming about our big wedding day and can’t wait for it. But the moment the question is popped and the ring is on the finger, it can get a bit unnerving. Ask your partner these 6 questions before you get married to ensure that there are no surprises after the wedding!

Why do you want to marry me?

Seems like such a simple question, right? If only the answer was as simple as the question. It is important to make sure that the person marrying you wants to spend the rest of their life with you for the right reasons. Many a time, people rush into getting married for the most absurd reason. Ask yourself and your partner this question to ensure you are saying ‘ I do’ for all the right reasons.

What are their plans for the future?

It may begin to sound like a job interview at this point but this answer is important. If you want to stay in Singapore and they want to migrate to another country it could lead to complicated situations.

What was their childhood like?

It might seem like a very strange question to ask someone, but it is very important. Knowing the kind of childhood a person had can help you figure out a person much better. It is important to know how partner was brought up and what their values are. This will not only help you understand your partner better but it will also help you resolve any problems in the future after your wedding.

The never-ending dilemma – kids or pets?

Recent years have seen more couples in Singapore who are happily married without having any kids. What is more surprising is that couples are not regretting this decision. Many interviews over the last few years have revealed that you can be married, childless and happy. Another surprising trajectory observed is the increase in pet owners on the island. The AVA (Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority) last year said that the percentage of licensed dogs have gone up 32% in the past 10 years. This has even led to the increase in pet services. So what you and your partner need to ask here is do you want to be parents? If yes, what kind of parents?!

How much do they make?

While this isn’t something you should discuss on your first date, at some point, you must disclose your income if you plan on spending your life with this person. Your expenditure and savings are going to depend on your collective income, so it’s important to understand each other’s money matters. It is true that you do not love a person for their money, but knowing how much they make will help you figure out how you will manage your expenses.

Do you only have personal baggage or a debt sack as well?

After marriage, the concept of “what’s mine is yours” kicks in. So, if you have an outstanding loan or high credit card debt, the liabilities of it would fall on your spouse as well once you get married. A part of your collective income will go into paying off your debt. It’s good to give a heads up to the other person when it comes to these things.

These are just some of the questions that will help you understand your partner a little better before the wedding. Don’t shy away from asking any other question that you feel is important. After all, we want to get married just once. Well, at least some of us do!

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