6 Valid Reasons Why Guys Should Carry Their Girlfriend’s Bag


Last Updated on 2023-06-03 , 11:10 am

There has been a growing debate surrounding the act of men carrying their girlfriends’ bags.

Some arguments against it include claims like “This is so gay,” “What, you think it’s gentlemanly?” and “It looks ridiculous.”

However, I would like to shed some light on this topic and provide six compelling reasons why every guy should consider carrying their girlfriend’s bag.

So, for all the manly men out there who are skeptical about this idea, let’s delve into the benefits of this gesture.

It’s a Gentlemanly Gesture

Let’s address the misconceptions first.

Carrying your girlfriend’s bag does not define your sexual orientation. Stereotyping someone based on their actions is unfair and inaccurate.


Carrying a bag does not make you gay, nor does it determine your masculinity.

In fact, it is a truly gentlemanly act. Of course, if you’re already carrying a significant amount of weight, it’s reasonable to reconsider.

But when you have empty hands and your girlfriend has a bag, why not offer to carry it for her?

It’s a Manly Act

By embracing the task of carrying a handbag, you can redefine what it means to be manly. There are various ways to carry a bag without compromising your masculinity.

Avoid prancing around with it over your shoulder or adopting feminine postures.

Instead, carry it confidently in your hand or on your shoulder without letting it dangle like it would on a lady.

Remember, carrying your girlfriend’s bag only appears feminine if you intentionally make it so.

It’s a Sweet Gesture

Imagine your girlfriend struggling to browse through clothes on sale while also managing her handbag.

By offering to carry her bag, you can make her life a little easier and demonstrate your thoughtfulness.

This act is undeniably sweet and will leave a lasting impression on her. It’s a simple way to show that you care and appreciate her comfort.

It Appeals to Women

Contrary to outdated beliefs, many women no longer desire the stereotypical “alpha male” who rejects the idea of carrying their girlfriend’s handbag.

Modern women appreciate partners who are willing to engage in their interests and show support without being overly macho.

By carrying your girlfriend’s bag, you can present yourself as a considerate and open-minded individual.

This thoughtful gesture will likely make you more attractive to women, who value a partner willing to share their experiences.


It Enhances Safety

Imagine being on an overseas trip with your girlfriend in an area notorious for snatchers. While carrying her bag may not prevent theft entirely, it offers an added sense of security.

By taking responsibility for her bag, you can ensure her attention is focused on her surroundings rather than worrying about her belongings.

This proactive approach can contribute to a safer and more relaxed experience during your travels.

It Reflects Self-Assurance and Confidence

When you choose to carry your girlfriend’s handbag, you may encounter judgmental looks or comments from others.

However, it’s essential to maintain your self-assurance and face these judgments head-on.

By confidently carrying the bag, you show that you are secure in your masculinity.


You understand that carrying a handbag does not define your identity or make you any less masculine.

Embracing this act can inspire others to question outdated stereotypes and encourage a more inclusive perspective.

In conclusion, there are numerous reasons why every guy should consider carrying their girlfriend’s bag.

It’s a gentlemanly and manly gesture that showcases thoughtfulness, appeals to women, enhances safety, and reflects self-assurance and confidence. So, next time you find yourself with empty hands and your girlfriend struggling with

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