6 reasons why girls go out with you alone but don’t want to be in a relationship with you

So you’re on very close terms with a girl, and obviously, you’re a sucker for herwhy else would you spend your day carrying her shopping bags? But for reasons you can never fathom (because you’re too much of a bonehead), she has never considered a relationship with you, and you’re left grovelling about your friend-zoned status.

Worry no more, because your fellow friend-zoned pal is here to help. Here are 6 reasons why you’re being friend-zoned.

Note: Knowing why you’re being friend-zoned doesn’t mean that you can escape that terrifying enclosure easily. You would need loads of balls and resolution to jump over that fence. Trust me, I’m a friend-zoned certified scientist.

You’re trustworthy
She tells you about her troubles, her worries and her relationships with her family. She tells you just about everything. You take her concerns into play and act the listening friend.

News flash, dude. The more you create the image of the listening friend, the more she’s going to perceive you as such. But if you’re lucky you might receive an upgrade. Congratulations, you have been promoted to the status of her ‘Second Dad’.

You lack the physical attraction
Wondering why she constantly looks at other guys while you’re out together? Look in the mirror, hun, nobody’s going to look at a guy decked out in baggy shirts and jeans and shoes that look like they were bought at the local Pasar Malam.

Admit it, you probably fancy her for her looks and fashion sense in the first place, so no points for crying foul.

You’re a nice guy
Nice guys finish last, and yeah they do. Not every single time perhaps, but I consider it fair to state it as most of the times. See, you’re so much of a nice guy that you help her out every single time, carry her bags for her unselfishly and absorb all her bitchy tantrums.

In the end, you end up being basically a doormat for her – a guy whom she turns to when she can’t find a proper date or when she just wants to take it out on someone. And you would probably let her do that because you’re just that nice a guy.

You play hard-to-get
No seriously, if you liked her from the start just proclaim it as such. Don’t get all shy and aloof and generally just play hard-to-get, because it would send a signal to her that you weren’t interested in her. And because she’s such hot stuff, she probably won’t mope over your disinterest for too long, seeing as there are so many other guys in the arena.

By the time you decide to man up and properly act out your interest for her, behold. She has officially friend-zoned you and would never get into a relationship with you, no matter how extravagant that last bouquet of roses was.

She needs time
But of course not all girls intentionally or subconsciously friend-zone you; some girls just want a break from relationships. Let’s say she just broke up with her boyfriend of a year, and you decided to jump in. Yet, despite your best efforts, she remains impervious to your attempts. You wonder why.

Relax man, it might not be because you’re just dirt poor in her eyes; she might just need a relationship break to get over that heartbreak, and while you seem sweet she just can’t take in a whole new relationship so suddenly. So give her some time. But not so long that you see her out with your best friend in a month’s time, duh.

You’re too close to her
You two have been through so much that you know everything about each other, and while that might seem sweet at first, it would actually suck if you have a thing for her. See, bro, the thing’s that the closer you get, the less likely sexual attraction would happen.

Think of it this way: would you get attracted to your sister? No, right? So don’t expect her to get attracted to you since you’re practically a brother to her and only sisters in Japanese animes get attracted to their brothers.

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