6 reasons why you shouldn’t get a Class 3A (auto) license in S’pore


Last Updated on 2017-07-30 , 3:04 pm

Once upon a time, when someone was learning how to drive and realised the clutch was a pain in the ass, he persisted, because there was no other option: it was either Class 3 or licence-less.

It’s a different world now—if you can’t handle that clutch and stall your engine every few minutes, you can opt for Class 3A, whereby you’ll learn and drive just mere automatic transmission car. But hey, no, no, don’t do that. Persist, based on these six reasons!

1. You’ll find it harder to pass

Hearsay, hearsay, but then again, there is some truth to it: if you’re doing a Class 3 test, you’ll be a lot more alert during your test due to the consist changing of gear.

And because you’re always conscious of which gear you’re at, the speed can be controlled easily. After all, you won’t be penalised for stalling your engine, right?

2. You’ll not look “satki”

What’s “satki”? It means “cool” in Hokkien. Just think about it: you’re meeting a new gorgeous girl, and when she sits beside you, you push to the first gear, rev your engine, move one second, shift to second gear, move one second, shift to third gear… That’s satki-ness. And you won’t have any of it if you’re driving an auto car.

3. You can’t drive a manual car

That’s the usual reason given, and a good one indeed: those arguments about “oh, all cars are auto now!” aren’t valid because not all cars are auto. If you travel often, you’ll see people still driving old cars that require you to do a half-clutch to that precise point. So, unless you intend to be a frog in the well, go be friends with that damn clutch.


4. You won’t know how much you can control your vehicle

Firstly, a misconception to clear: there’s still a clutch in an auto car. It’s just that with some magic, it’ll auto change the gear with the clutch—which is why it’s called an “auto transmission”. As a Class 3 licence holder, you know how the engine works because you’re controlling it. A Class 3A license holder? It’s pretty much similar to that toy car you play when you were young. You know how a toy car works?

5. Your insurance is higher (not 100% sure)

Well, there has been two cases whereby we believe a manual car has a lower insurance premium. According to some unreliable sources, it’s due to the fact that manual car drivers are more alert so they’re less prone to accidents. Whatever is the case, if we can save a bit on premium and also the cost of the vehicle…why not, right?

6. You’re a man

Because there’s a man in manual. Or it’s just weird for a guy to have a Class 3A licence. Yes, subjective, bias and incredibly sexist, but then again, you still can’t tell the difference between a satire article from a serious one? Have you just been introduced to the Internet?

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