6 ridiculously simple and useful tips that save 10% to 30% when you book your airline ticket online

Who says that you can only save on booking budget airlines? Here are some tips to help you get the best out of your money when you’re planning for a trip.

Of course, sign up for email subscriptions
Be it those consolidator websites for all multiple airlines or the direct site of the airlines themselves, signing up for free subscriptions may just make your booking easier and happier. When you click into your email and find out that they’re having some promotional period, go for it.

Book very very early
Be an earlybird and enjoy the perks. We all know that cheap tickets are when you book super early or you grab the last seats. To play safe, just book weeks or even months in advance when you already have a clear plan. Then, you don’t have to worry anymore.

Use websites that compare airfares
Rather than going through many different websites, jumping from one to another, save both your time and brains from doing the constant calculation by making use of comparison sites. Another tip is to clear cache before visiting the sites so they will show you the most updated prices.

Have a last minute trip
If you are the kind of person to do as you wish, you can immediately book the last ticket when you see it on sale. Usually, a few days before the flight takes off and the plane still has some vacancies, they might want to clear out the space. This still depends on whether you’re lucky enough.

Tuesdays are the best for booking
Weekends are when the prices are the most marked up and on Tuesday, you will definitely save a lot more than others. Of course, if it’s the non-peak season, your savings are even greater.

Look for deals on your social media
Many airlines are now directly going through social media to advertise. They sometimes throw out unbelievable deals that are up for grabs. These deals are usually for a very limited period of time so grab the chance as quickly as possible.