6 Running Man Games Ideas You Can Play with Your Friends Anywhere

I guess most of us are familiar with Korean culture, especially K-Pop, K-Stars and of course, Korean dramas and variety shows. Needless to say, one of the most popular variety shows across the globe is none other than Running Man, and let’s face it: those Running Man games look fun (at least on the small screen).

Running Man, known for its comedic and intense game competitions against idol guest members and the Running Man team has sparked off a frenzy in fans which many are interested in the games.

If you’re one of them, thank your lucky stars for chancing upon this article because now you can have your very own Running Man games! Below is a Running Man games list you can try anywhere; all you need are some cheap materials, a group of friends and you’re good to go.

Pocky Game
With this delicious childhood snack, this game is perfect for creating fun and yet getting a taste of those crispy chocolate-coated biscuit sticks. All you need is 2 persons from the opposite teams chomping down both ends of the Pocky. To win the game, you’ll need to be the last person to let go of the biscuit stick. Tip: If you know who’s your friends’ crush, make them play this game with him/her 😉

Acupuncture Stone Skipping

Image: mimiworld-catcat17spiritual.blogspot.sg
Image: mimiworld-catcat17spiritual.blogspot.sg

Ever seen those nasty little stones around the fitness corner of your neighbourhood? To win this game, both teams will have to use skipping ropes to get the most number of skips on the stones. The team with the highest number of skips wins. It’s painful but well it helps in blood circulation and you get to have fun with your friends at the same time so why not?

Queen Dodgeball
Since we always played it during PE in school, all of you should be very familiar with how this game works right? All you need is a ball, probably not too hard (unless you really hate your friends). The only difference is that there is another member from both teams that will protect their queens from getting hit by the ball. Once the protector is hit, the protector will change. To win the game, eliminate the last protector and the queen. Anyway, can play under void deck lah, HDB say cannot kick ball but they got say cannot throw meh?

Speed Quiz
There will be one person from each team that will be holding on to cards with either words or phrases. So you’ll have to take a bit of trouble to prepare them before you actually play. That team member of one team will try to let the other team members guess the words or phrases by describing them.

However, the other team will try to distract them by clapping, shouting and singing to make them not understand the explanation. After that the roles are reversed and the game continues. The team that manages to guess the most number of words correctly wins the game.

Water Piggyback
Instead of holding a bowl full of water, the game has changed. Now, the person that is being carried will have to ferry water in his/her mouth from the start line to the finish line. The teams will send a few representatives to participate in this game. For the participants that are carrying a team member, you just gotta pray hard that he/she doesn’t laugh and spit water all over you!

The member that has water in her/his mouth will have to spit it out into a container at the finish line. The team with the most amount of water left in the containers at the finishing line wins the game.

Flying coin
For this game, you just need coins and a roll of tape. Mark out a starting line and then measure 15-20 metres  from it. Then, create a relatively small circle with tape. The aim of this game is to toss as many coins in the circle. The team which ends up with the most number of coins in the circle wins the game.

The Classic Catching Game
Of course, we cannot miss out on their “Signature Dish”, the classic catching game. All you need are papers, markers, safety pins and bells. The attacking team will put on the bells on their feet. The defense team will run and hide from them, ensuring that their name tags are not torn by the attacking team members to prevent them from getting eliminated. Once the tag is torn, the member is out.

After that, the roles are reversed and the game will continue, as done by the Running Man Team crew in earlier episodes. There are many ways to execute and play the games. Of course, let your creative juices flow and you might even modify and come up with games that are even more engaging!

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