6 scariest places for brave Singaporeans to explore at night

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Singapore is filled with amazing, and spooky, places to explore at night for the brave. Old Changi Hospital, Red, Green and White House, Neo Tiew Estate etc.

Here are 5 places which you can explore too if you have the balls to.

Istana Wood Nuek

Image: remembersingapore.org

A royal palace owned by Johor Sultan Abu Bakar ibni Daing Ibrahim who passed away in 1895,  Istana Woodneuk is located on a small hill between Holland Road and Tyersall Road. (Note: Please do not try to enter this place anymore. Not just because it’s haunted, but it is a restricted area and the police are not afraid to arrest you if you are caught trespassing.)

Bedok Reservoir

Image: wikipedia.org

5 dead within 5 months. In the 90s, there was a woman who went for a jog at night and was raped and then drowned in the reservoir by a group of foreign workers. It leaves one wondering if it’s just coincidence or could it be something else…

Lim Chu Kang Cemetery

Image: gowithbo.info

Serene place in the morning, and eerie at night. Many brave men and women have explored this place at night and came back alive with stories to tell.

St. John Island

Image: arrowtransports.com

Just a 30-minute ferry ride away, this island, during the Japanese Occupation, was used as a prison for the Prisoners Of War (POWs).

Within the campsite, there lies a human size chess board which was rumoured to be played by Japanese soldiers using the POWs as chess pieces. Every piece that is captured will be beheaded on the spot. Spooky.

Jalan Bahar

Image: sghc.wordpress.comsghc.wordpress.com

It is as spooky as it can be at night with very dim lighting. A long stretch of road with not many buildings on either side. It was rumoured that an old woman in her 60s was often spotted in the middle of the night seated on bus stop just right after the Civil Defence Academy(SCDF)…

Kent Ridge Park

Image: wikipedia.org

Possibly one of the most haunted places in Singapore, most if not all who has been there at night, especially towards the parade square, has experienced some supernatural encounters–from weird sounds to seeing lights. The unnatural lights were even once captured on video. If you’ve been there without any experience, do tell us, so at least we know it’s not that…haunted.

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