6 sentences said by part-time students that full-time students won’t understand


Last Updated on 2017-05-27 , 4:47 pm

During your studies, it is so important to have good classmates who are willing to contribute to group projects and to support each other, imparting and exchange knowledge before exams, taking notes for you when you are absent, and motivating you when you have to go through monotone lectures by lecturers who crack cold lame jokes =)

But very rarely you can find such good classmates. Maybe there is only 1 of them who possess the above qualities out of 100 of them. I have been doing part time studies for the past 6 years and I have my fair share of exposure to extreme classmates who will most probably drive you nuts =):

1. “I am busy lah, you all discuss already then let me know the parts which I need to do

– Come on, everyone has their own life and everyone has to work. Normally after delegation, they will be not contactable and even when they called back, they will say “Oh so sorry, I missed out on the deadline because I am travelling and busy with work lah, you all have the information, can do for me? I am rushing for a meeting now, talk again ok?” Arghh!!

2. “I am pregnant now and suffering from morning sickness badly, can someone please do it for me?”

Out of goodwill, we will spilt the work among the rest of us but after the term ends which is probably 4 months later, her tummy is still as flat as ever. When you ask her about the pregnancy, her answer is “Oh, the pregnancy tester gave a false positive la, sorry leh”.


3. “My fiancé is going to break up with me because I have been neglecting her because of my studies, I need to spend more time to patch up with her but if I do that, I won’t have time to do the project

If a woman is really that unreasonable, why continue the relationship with her? So what about your job, if she complains that you are working too hard, are you going to resign? The best part is he was seen drinking with his friends in a pub which we usually patronize. You want to club, go further away la!

4. “Sorry leh, my sim card dropped when I was in BKK and I have no way to contact you guys”

This message was sent one day before the submission of the assignment and this joker was practically not contactable for two weeks. So we assumed that genie told him our numbers in his dream one day before the submission so as to let us know that he lost his sim card and suddenly he was able to recall the numbers? Right after his message, he was seen posting photos of his BKK trip with his new girlfriend.

5. “Oh my computer crashed and I lost all the work which was supposed to be done by me, how ah??”

Usually I can accept this excuse but not everyt ime when a project is due for submission, your laptop will crash on such a “timely manner”. We created a Dropbox for the team after the second incident to place the documents in but yet he said “Oh I am not familiar with Dropbox and I don’t know how to use it. I don’t think it is safe storing my documents online” WTH, you don’t feel safe but yet your computer always crash and all data will be lost?? It’s even more dangerous.

6. I am supposed to come up with the strategy for Company X and after discussion, it was agreed we will go for this strategy. But after the final consolidation, you realised that your strategy was totally changed 4 hours before the actual presentation without prior notification. When I asked, the reply was “Oh, I think my strategy is much better than yours lor so I changed the whole thing. I am the leader so I have the rights mah right?”

Have some respect for your members please. You changed the presentation contents entirely and expect me to know how to present with less than 4 hours for me to digest and read up? If you think that you are Ms Know-It-All, then might as well you do the whole presentation, why was there still a need for discussion? I guessed most of us have come into contact with such classmates. Terrible right?

So choose your classmates wisely 😛

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