6 signs in a relationship that suggest you should let go

Letting go is never easy, especially when love, time and efforts have been devoted into the relationship. I used to hold on to an impossible relationship, hoping that things will turn better, despite the endless emotional hurt and constant lies. Looking back? I wished I had done so much more sooner. Check out the list below, if you have hit any 1 out of 6, perhaps you should consider whether it’s time to say bid goodbye to a painful relationship.

Face it, when there is a beginning there will be no end. Cheating doesn’t only apply to your partner sleeping around: so long as there’s something they’re hiding, lying or not being truthful, that’s considered cheating. Don’t kid yourself by finding those excuses to cover up their wrongs just to make your heart feels better. You will eventually forgive, but you will never forget and down the road, you are bound to bring up that incident, so why strain the relationship?

Bad Sex
This is your most intimate moments spent together, where bodies meet and souls entangle. You want to make sex a “want” rather than a “need” and this wonderful thing needs two compatible humans to make it work and make it right. One common factor why people choose to “eat elsewhere” is simply because they can’t get the satisfaction from their own partners.

Violence grow and it just get more serious over time. Something will eventually be smashed or someone will eventually get injured. However, I see this more like an illness rather than a character. Do advise your partner to seek professional help because counseling and medication may be the cure for it.

Life is meaningless. There’s nothing to strive nor work together as a couple because all valuables and available cash will be use on betting. We have read 1,000 times that gambling lead to debts, more debts and then break-ups. In a gambler’s mind, there’s only one word they live by – Win.

No More Feel
The lust and love just wear off, and couples just aren’t in love with one another like they do in the past anymore. They take each other for granted because they assume they already own their partners hence affection, surprises or excitement are no longer needed. I’ve always treated mine very diffently because I never ever want my partner to get bored of me (unfortunately I’m currently single so nobody to let me experiment on ).  Here’s the tip – Grow to become more and more interested in your partner as each day passes by and make every day feels even more exciting than the first date. Do not slacken on your image and always upkeep to look and be your very best.

Selfish partners are self-centred and they will always be their own top piority in whatever they are planning, thinking or doing. You will always be second best and they will not care about your well being and feelings because theirs matter more. You end up giving a lot more in the relationship because you bother whereas they don’t. It is almost impossible to stay with a partner who is selfish UNLESS you are of the same kind.

This Singapore love story set in the 90s shows you why you should never wait for tomorrow. Watch it without crying:

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This Singapore love story set in the 90s shows you why you should never wait for tomorrow. Watch it without crying:  
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