6 signs that you belong to the Strawberry Generation


If you’ve got no idea what a Strawberry Generation is, here’s one example: a young man who has been unemployed for more than five years despite going for at least one hundred interviews, and working in twenty companies with the longest stint at 15 days.

If you need another example, here’s another one: a young lady who gets angry because she has to work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, simply because her friends are working less hours and earning more.

Get the idea now?

Basically, a person who belongs to the Strawberry Generation is one who has a great sense of self-entitlement, who thinks he’s the most important person in the world and who thinks the world is forever unfair to him.

So, are you one in the Strawberry Generation? Check out the signs here…

You’ve never lasted more than one month in a job
It can be the company policy, your nasty boss or the bad environment—but it’s always something else other than you that is causing you to quit, or to be fired. You see, to you, coming in late should be accepted, even when everyone else is on time, simply because you’re important.

You have your own business but it’s not making money
Because, hey: you need to tell others that you own a business. It doesn’t matter that you’re losing money every month—you’ve got your parents to cover your loss. After all, the losses are almost as much as the instalment of your car (which is, by the way, is also paid by your parents), right? The trick is this: never let others know you’re not paying it for yourself. And make sure you’re only working when other see that.

You expect people to help you
Your argument is so good that some people might just believe you: you say that you’ve got faith in humanity, so the world would help you.  Come on—if you’re really working, you’ll know that faith in humanity has been lost since the first day someone saw no reason to help you.


You don’t need to work
Same as #1, your income is from your parents. Your ATM card is your parents’ credit cards. And mind you, whenever you meet your friends, you need to take out your iPad to pretend to work simply because you need to show them how much you work—when in reality…

You don’t have any plans
Everything will work out fine, because if all things fail, you can blame society, the Government and your parents. They should have planned for you, eh?

You spend more time on social media than work
Something new, you realize you spend more time showing others that you’re working than actual working. In other words, I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but if you see how hardworking people are in Facebook, you know they’re showing you that they’re working, but are actually not working.

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