6 Signs that your boyfriend is jealous

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During some point in life during a relationship, we have all been a bit green-eyed. Whether it is because you have something your boyfriend do not have or more commonly, when you become too close with another guy friend and your boyfriend fears that you will somehow get snatched away. To a certain extent, it can be a good thing because it shows that he really likes you. You see, your BF is in love with you and whenever he sees the love of his life (You!) get chummy with someone else, he feel threatened and this result in jealousy which makes him act out of character. But how can you tell if your boyfriend is jealous other than the fact that he goes out-of-character? All you need to do is to pay closer attention to his texting habits, body language, and his tone in conversation. Those subtle clues can let you know if he’s jealous.

1) He pretends he does not care
Most of the guys like to bottle up their feelings when they get jealous but here’s the thing. No one can bottle them up forever. So, if he sees you getting chummy with another guy and acts cool, but then later on purposely ignore you or intentionally picks a fight with you, there is a high chance that he is jealous.

2) Never leave eyes off you
Like when you bring him to a crowded area like clubs/pubs etc., when you move away for him, even if it is just for a short while, you will find that his eyes will always be locked on you and never leaving your sight as he wants to make sure you do not talk to another guy.

3) Clingy
You will find that your boyfriend suddenly becomes more clingy to you, like he starts to SMS, call or WhatsApp you more often to ask you where you are and whenever you want to go out, he constantly wants to accompany you.

4) He accuses you of being too flirty or being unfaithful when you are not. This is actually a guy’s way of saying that he blames you because you make him feel insecure. So, the words might hurt a bit but in the end, he does not really want to hurt you; he just wants to feel secure. So, you can just talk this out with him.

5) Unsupportive feelings
You know how supportive he gets about all of your friends and gatherings, but the moment you talk about another guy which he deems to be a love rival or worse, your ex, he suddenly becomes very unenthusiastic. What he is doing is to try to hide his negative feelings via silence. He’d probably rather not say anything at all then seem insecure or needy.

6) Mood Swings
Maybe not as lot as girls, but guys do have their own mood swings, especially when they get jealous. Like one moment he is fine, but when you get a call from another guy or your ex, he suddenly turns in someone else. Like he suddenly starts asking you about the call, what you said, what that other guy said etc. and if you refuse to answer hi or just give him a vague reply, he flies into a rage and start screaming at you. Ladies, he is not angry because you gave him a vague answer or is still in contact with your ex or his “self-deemed” love rival, he is angry because he feels threatened; he is scared of losing you and he feels very insecure. All he wants is a reassuring answer from you.

All in all, having your boyfriend feel jealous every now and then is good as it shows that he loves and cares about you deeply but if he is jealous all the time, then it might not be love anymore. It could be a warning sign of over-possessiveness or control etc. but that is another story.

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