6 simple things to add to your Maggi Mee that makes it heavenly


Last Updated on 2016-07-05 , 2:27 pm

Admit it: You’ve once, in the middle of the night, decided to ditch your diet plan and go to the kitchen, take two packs of instant noodles, boil them, and eat them as you watch all the backlogged YouTube videos you’ve saved in your Google account. Commonly known as Maggi Mee in Singapore and Malaysia (FYI, Maggi is a brand of instant noodle that is so damn popular that we just call all instant noodles “Maggi Mee”), it has become so integrated in our lives that everyone, even a celebrated chef, has at least one pack in their cabinet.

But some of us (yeah, just some, right?) have almost at least two packs per week that cooking it the conventional way has become boring. Here’re a few extremely simple ways to spice up your homemade supper!

1. Add peanut butter
Before you go apeshit and tell us that peanut butter is only for bread, hold your swearing. Having peanut butter on the noodles and broth is apparently a creation of a popular Thai noodle dish called Pad Thai. And just for your info, sometimes, you can even add peanut butter to cook other dishes like a chicken chop…but we’ll leave that for another day.

2. Add processed cheese
You know those sliced cheese you use for your sandwich? Yeah. The trick is to boil your noodles for at least thirty seconds before putting it in. Not only can it thicken your broth, the entire dish will feel a lot more expensive and very “un-instant noodles”. Did we also say it taste great? Unless, that is, you hate cheese. But who hates cheese?

3. Add egg to it
I know what you’re thinking: “Who the hell didn’t know this?” Do this simple experiment then: ask ten friends and see who did this often. Maybe just eight of them. The other two are still clueless about this easy trick. The best way is just to beat one or two eggs in a small bowl, and as you’re boiling the noodles, drip it over the top of your noodles. Leave it on for just a while and you’ll have beautiful ribbons of scrambled egg on your Maggi Mee!

4. Sprinkle some soy sauce
Hmm…some Maggi Mee have got it in their seasoning, but usually the seasoning comprises mainly powders. A teaspoon of soy sauce will make your broth  a little more salty, and while it will make you more thirsty, it sure adds more favour


5. Stir-fry it
Okay, the correct way is to boil it in water with the seasoning. But who says we can’t do it the other way? Instead of boiling it, just stir-fry it with some oil and whatever seasoning you have. After all, you’re still going to spend just three minutes cooking it, so why not stir-fry it instead of boiling it? We can assure you that most of them taste a little better when you stir-fry it; the only drawback is that it won’t be as filling (due to the lack of the soup).

6. Add frozen vegetable
Not only will you not get sick of the broth and noodles, your dish will look reasonable good, too. When all food must be Instagrammable, this is one option that all Instragram addicts should do.

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