6 Free Parking Places In Singapore For You To Park For Days & Months

Okay, okay, let’s be frank: whoever can afford a car in Singapore can usually afford its parking. So why do we need a list of places where there’s free parking in Singapore? Because…sometimes, when you’re out of Singapore for a month or so, you know where you can park it for free. Or maybe it just makes you feel good to park free for a while. And if you have Googled “free parking Singapore”, I hope you’re proud!

Unlike other countries whereby one can just park anywhere (and have the wheels stolen after a few days), Singapore is soooooo small that every single road is covered by a summon auntie who will summon you if your car is there for more than a few hours. So, let’s dive in, should we?

1. East Coast Park

Image: Streetdirectory.com

It is unknown why certain car parks there are free — maybe to distribute the cars among the numerous car parks around the park. The free car parks are in car parks B, C, D, F, G and H. And no, it’s not that we failed our alphabet: car park E is not free for obvious reasons.

2. West Coast Park

Image: j0035001-2.blogspot.com

Just like East Coast Park, only certain car parks are free. Only the car parks farther away from McDonald’s are free—for, once again, obvious reasons. If you want to be spoon-fed, here’s it: car parks 2 and 3 are free. If you don’t know which one is car park 2 or 3, just don’t park in a car park that is always full.

3. Labrador Nature Reserve

Image: littledayout.com

Another park with free parking, the location of this free car park is much better due to its proximity to town, and most importantly, Habourfront. Going to Batam for a few days but just don’t want to cab all the way back home to Changi? Here’s one place for you to park.

4. Kent Ridge Park

Image: eddy2099.com

To get to the car park, you need to have Initial D skills as you go up the winding, narrow road. Once you’ve conquered it, another problem occurs: how the heck are you going to get the hell out of there? If you can solve that problem, it’s free parking for you.

5. Mandai Orchid Garden

Image: Mapio.net

Wait, where’s that? It’s understandable that you might not know where it is until you’ve been there before—or if you’ve been to the zoo. Accessible only by the road that leads to Singapore Zoo, not only would you be greeted with flowers you’ve not seen in your life before, you’ll also enjoy that coveted free parking. What more could you ask for?

6. New commercial buildings

Image: menglam.com

You’ll have to do research on this, but new commercial buildings usually have free parking. Soon, they’ll install a gantry and ta-da: that goes your free parking. So if you work in an industrial area and have seen new buildings (usually buildings that house multiple factories), note that down. On your next trip, that’s where your car will be.

So those are your “free parking Singapore” tips. Have fun!

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