6 Strongest Cocktails That Will KO You Within Seconds (Graveyard Drink Anyone?)


Last Updated on 2021-03-13 , 3:28 pm

Margaritas, Pina Coladas, Sex on the Beach, Bloody Mary, jager bombs the infamous Graveyard drink… The list goes on. There are so many cocktails on Earth and we’re sure you haven’t been trying all of them.

If you’re feeling stressed up from work or simply want to challenge yourself, here’s six of the strongest cocktails that will KO you in seconds.

Long Island Ice Tea

The deceiving name of this cocktail may have got you thinking for a bit. Ice tea? Yes, it is a cocktail, and this signature cocktail can be found in almost all cocktail bars. This cocktail basically combines gin, vodka, tequila, and rum combined with an orange flavoured liqueur and lemon juice. It’s a great deal of alcohol inside.

Graveyard Drink

Given the name Graveyard for this cocktail, you’ll roughly be able to imagine how it tastes. Rum, Vodka, Gin, Tequila and Whiskey. Oh the Graveyard cocktail does not get any better.

If you’re wondering what the Graveyard cocktail alcohol percentage is, well, we don’t know it for sure either, but one thing we know is that one is enough to send you on your way to your own graveyard, hence the name, the Graveyard drink.

Flaming Lamborghini

This cocktail is so popular during birthdays it seems like a mandatory birthday drink. Due to its super cool appearance (when the bartender lights up your drink), it is ordered by many to try for the experience. It actually contains Baileys, but you probably only taste misery.


The Flaming Lamborghini alcohol percentage is also something that people wonder about, and it actually has to have at least 50% of alcohol content for it to have a flame. So yes, think about that before you order one for yourself to try!

Caribou Lou

What seems and tastes like a harmless drink, this is a dangerous cocktail. Its made with coconut rum and pineapple juice, which you might think of as refreshing and an incredible easy drink. It gets dangerous when you down a few without realising it. And next moment, KO.


Jagerbomb is a drink made by dropping a shot of Jager in a glass of Redbull. This combination of Jagermeister and an energy drink totally bombs your inside and creates a sugar rush. Down a few in seconds and you’re good to KO.


This drink is made with a glass of beer and a shot of vodka or tequila. Just imagine it!

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