6 stupidest things you can buy online that stop aliens from visiting us


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With the ease and low cost of setting up an online shop to sell your own products, “middlemen” like distributors or retailers that used to do quality control on what can be sold to you are gone.

After all, in a brick-and-mortar shop, each square centimetre of shelf space is expensive so only the best and most sellable products occupy on its coveted spot. With online shopping…we sometimes get these:

Banana guard
I know what you’re thinking. Unfortunately, it’s not that banana, nor is it that kind of guard. This product is literally a banana guard. A picture speaks a thousand words, so just see it yourself here:
Oh, did I mention that they have a grapes guard, too? Now we’re talking!

Hidden Bladder Flask

What an ingenious idea! Basically, you put on something that is shaped like a pair of underwear, and you can, well, pee into it. That is hidden inside your pants and is, of course, waterproof. This solves the problem for so many of us: what do we do when we’re at high tide and couldn’t find a toilet? We always pee in our pants, right? No?
Wait, did someone say that, that’s not the primary function?

Flying F*** RC Helicopter

Heard of the saying: I don’t give a flying f***? Well, now you can use that saying. Literally.

Hate your neighbours? Do it the techie way: buy a remote controlled helicopter fly it outside his window. If the window is open, just fly in and show him who’s boss.


Speaking of the boss, if you intend to resign soon, fly this into your boss’s office. You may not even need to serve your notice period!

Pills that make you poop gold pieces

Sometimes, I really wonder whether it’s the consumers that contributed to these kinds of marvellous inventions. Let me introduce you the poop gold pieces pill: pop one and your poop will come out covered in gold. Is it clinically trialled? Wait, you mean people who considered buying that would know what “clinically trialled” means?

DVD Rewinder

To all youngsters, this is for you: long before you were born, we watched rental movies with a thing known as “VHS videotapes”. After watching it, we need to rewind it so that it can be watched again. We can do it with a machine or with our JVC VHS player…
So now, since we still watch rental movies and we’ve moved on to use DVD instead, it just makes perfect sense for someone to come out with this idea. Can anyone tell me where to buy a Mpeg rewinder as well?

Foot Tanner
if you suntan often, you’ll know this problem: almost all surface area of your body is tanned except for your feet. This is how it looks like:



So familiar, ever so familiar!

But fret not. There’s a solution to every problem, and here’s one: a foot tanner. I mean, it’s the best solution ever, right? There’s no other solution like taking off your slippers as you tan, right? Right?

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