6 things about the most haunted house in Singapore: The Red House


Last Updated on 2017-07-24 , 3:14 pm

If you’ve been to any chalets, especially the ones in the east (well, that’s where most of the chalets are, right?), you would have heard this from one of your friends: There’s a very haunted house near Aloha Loyang.

Some people deem it as the most haunted house in Singapore, while some prefer the more popular Old Changi Hospital. Whichever is your preferred most haunted place doesn’t matter: the reason why the Red House is a chalet-goers’ favourite is that if one is not driving, the walk there through the isolated road itself is enough to send chills down your spine.

Going to your very first chalet there now? Check this out.

1. How to get there
To get there, simply walk all the way in towards Jalan Loyang Besar—it’s a narrow, scary route, and after about twenty minutes or so, you’ll see a house with two lion statues. It’s actually pretty close to the end of the road (and how often do we get to see the end of a road in Singapore?).

2. Entrance to the house
If memories serve us right (we’re not depending on hearsay but real experience! After all, who hasn’t been there…?), there’s no obvious entrance to the house. You’ll first see two lion statues and from the road and in order to get into the house, you’ll have to crawl through a fence from the back of the house. Maybe thrill-seekers have, somehow, created an entrance now, but ten years ago, the entrance itself is already that frightening.

3. What is scary
That lion statues. Because we’ve heard so much about them, even when they’re not moving, they still made us shiver. Rumours have it that they will turn their heads to face you when you walk past them. Sometimes, their eyes glow. Sometimes, they roar at night. In other words, they’re alive. But so far, we’ve seen nothing lah. But the fun facts are that some people offer cigarettes to the lions and some pray for 4D numbers. Two sides of the same coin, eh?


4. What’s the story?
The story is that there was a murder in the house, and the spirit is in the big old tree behind the house. Since then, the house has been abandoned. But of course, according to another source, it was merely a childcare centre that was converted into a dancing school, and finally abandoned. Let’s just say that we all watch horror movies for a purpose, so can you kindly just forget the second story?

5. Different coloured houses
If you’ve done enough research, there are three main haunted coloured houses in Singapore: Red, White and Green. The other two houses cannot be accessed by public, so they’re not that well-known. Therefore the Red House is all you’ve got. And it just sounds scarier, isn’t it?

6. It’s no more =D
After teasing you so long, you thought you can go visit it, right? Unfortunately, no: it is now undergoing development! You’ve got to admit that there’s no place for a haunted house in our small and practical Singapore. Unless you’re talking about paid haunted houses during Halloween lah…

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