6 Things Boyfriends Should Do For Their Girlfriends When They Are Having Their Periods


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:42 pm

Periods are a monthly event for women. The lucky ones have it easy but the not-so-lucky ones experience extreme mood swings, sore breasts, and crippling menstrual cramps. Your girlfriend and wife seems to constantly be in agony and you feel helpless every month. You have asked her what you can do to help but she just said “it’s okay” or snapped at you which made things worse. So what are some of the things you can do to help ease their monthly suffering?

Make her chamomile tea
Chamomile tea is proven to be useful in soothing menstrual cramps. Make them a cup of warm chamomile tea and watch them go back to their usual bubbly self. If your girlfriend or wife doesn’t like the taste of chamomile tea, try adding honey into the mix instead. It works equally as well.

Buy them food
It is just like how it is with a pregnant woman. Women sometimes get cravings for a certain type of food from a certain stall every now and then when on their periods because of their hormones and that is completely normal. Just be a sweetheart and get them whatever they feel like eating and be prepared to be smothered with hugs and kisses after.

Be patient
Again, hormones. These can make your girl grumpier than the very well-known Grumpy Cat and they will snap at you for every trivial thing. Understand that they are going to be bleeding from their genitals for up to five days and it is normal for them to want to vent their frustration on someone else. Be patient and show them the extra TLC during this period (pun intended).

Exercise with her
Your girlfriend or wife may be in a lot of pain and doesn’t want to move even an inch from the bed. Convince her to do some exercise before or during her period which helps to ease the menstrual cramps. If she is hesitant, exercise with her. Show her that the two of you are in this together.

Get her the pink pills
If your girlfriend or wife gets the worst menstrual cramps ever known to history, anything you do for her will likely not work. When it comes to that, run over to the nearest pharmacy and get her some pink Panadol which are made especially for women suffering from menstrual cramps. Serve them with a glass of warm water and be prepared to be treated extra nice after their ordeal.


Stop her from consuming cold food/drinks
Although not consuming cold food and drinks may seem like an old wives’ tale to some, it is still not scientifically proven whether or not these ice-cold food and beverages will cause really horrible menstrual cramps. But it is always better to be safe than sorry so stop your woman from over-consuming these products while they are on their periods before it is too late.

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