6 Things only People who went BMT will be able to see


Last Updated on 2016-05-18 , 4:28 pm

Shit coming out from a hole
During outfield, you might get the chance to see the rare sight of fresh shit coming out from the a-hole when someone shits in front of you. This is something you’ll most likely not to get to see anywhere else, not that we would know why you want to see that anyway.

The Tekong night sky
You’ll never believe that a star-filled night sky in Singapore is possible until you’ve dug your shellscrape during field camp and lied down face-up in it, then you’ll be dazzled by the beautiful sky. Unless you suay and it rains or something lah!

The orange suit man who walks towards possible duds
You’re shivering behind your wall, and you wonder why this guy in orange is crazy enough to walk towards a grenade which is possibly a dud, possibly not to make it explode.

The commando mosquitoes that can bite through uniforms
If you think that your uniform is thick enough to withstand any challenges, then you’re wrong. Tekong mosquitoes are the commandoes and it’s said that they can bite through the old uniform.

Waterman explode
Because where else can you see someone shoot at a watermelon and see the results other than at your first shooting range?

A sea of botaks
During BMT, you turn left, you turn right you see mirror, all botak heads.



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