6 things about Samsung you probably didn’t know


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:50 pm

When you are free, just do a simple experiment: look around you and see how many Samsung smartphone users there are, whether you’re in Singapore or Malaysia. Lost count? That’s normal. The number of Samsung users have increased so much in the last two years that you’re either a Samsung or an Apple. But do you know that 1/3 of the smartphones sold in the world now is a Samsung? Here is a list of things that might interest you about Samsung!

In a year, Samsung spent $10.8 BILLION dollars on research and development
Over 1/4 of the staff in Samsung works in R & D, which is more than 60,000 employees. While they all might not be doing research on new smartphone functions, given their focus on smartphones, a large considerable amount should be allocated to their mobile phone department. In other words, your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is not a simple idea by an old man smoking cigarettes in his backyard.

Samsung started out as a grocery trading company
Say…what? Well, accept the truth: less than 80 years ago, Samsung sold noodles, rice and salt. Let’s just say that they should have regretted selling Apple. Get it? Apple?
Now, Samsung Group comprises almost 80 companies. They even sell life insurance.

Samsung sponsors the football team Chelsea in EPL
So, if a diehard Manchester United or Liverpool fan carries a Samsung phone, that’s a traitor. Don’t tell others you’re a diehard Liverpool fan unless you use Nokia and have a Standard Chartered Bank account.

Samsung means “three stars”
No, no. Mercedes Benz is not part of the Samsung Group.

There is a professional Korean gaming team called Samsung Galaxy
And surprise, surprise: they’re officially sponsored and endorsed by Samsung. Ar bo then?


The first Samsung company manufactured noodles as well
Yes, it’s the one that did trading of grocery. It produced noodles, too. Let’s wait and see whether Sheng Shiong is going to create a line of popular phones 80 years later, eh? That is, if we are all still alive.

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