6 things that guys should not let girls do when they’re having their period


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:37 pm

So, it has been established again and again that a woman can do almost anything when she’s having her period. Well, that’s the scientific explanation, and we all know that while science can explain almost everything, it can’t explain what a woman is thinking. So here are six things that guys should not let girls do when they’re having their period—if not, face the consequences.

Watch a romance movie
Consequences: You’ll need to find a new girlfriend
Sooooooo…she’s emotionally unstable, and you show her that in this world, a perfect, handsome  and single man called Bread Pig who looks like Brad Pitt exists. Even if it’s just a movie, she’s so attached to him and she’ll buy an air ticket to US the next day to find her Bread Pig.

Wake her up
Consequences: A slap, and a black mark that will be remembered forever
When she’s having her period, she needs all the sleep she can. Unless she needs to work or study, let her wake up by herself. If not, you’ll have both a black eye (from a punch, that is) and a black mark. And you know what happens when you get that demerit point.

Let her cook
Consequences: You might be stabbed by a knife
Now, while it is romantic to be cooking with your girl when she’s having her period, you’re apparently taking a big risk. The knife is seductively within an arm’s length away from her, and if she has an emotional attack, like the chicken overcooking itself, she would either take it out on the chicken or on you.

Let her exercise
Consequences: You’ll need to buy more clothes
You do know that it’s not sexy when one wears a short sporty skirt with a pad, right? And if she doesn’t want a tampon, she’ll go all out without a pad—and there you have it. A bloody mess and she needs to buy more clothes, which means you need to buy more clothes for her.

Ponder about future and make important decisions
Consequences: Your future will be ruined
If you want to discuss about her job prospects, she’ll just quit. If you want to talk about another child, she’ll go for tubal ligation. Bro, now is not the best time lah. Every month there are the other twenty-five days. Why ask during that five days?


Argue with her
Consequences: You’ll face all the consequences listed here
Firstly, her hormones are already imbalance. And there you are, complaining why she can’t keep her socks. Are you looking for a beating, or are you just bored and want to face the consequences?

(P.S. It’s pretty much obvious we’re just trying to be funny, right?)

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