6 things you thought “it’s just me” but turn out everyone thinks the same


Last Updated on 2016-05-30 , 9:36 am

I’ve always thought that these are only my own views until I told a few friends about it. Do you agree?

Sensor taps (especially the ones in Jurong Point) are the worst invention in the world
You walk up to the first tap, put your hands below the tap and move around. No water. You try it for ten seconds. No water. Okay, it’s not working, so you go to the next tap. This goes on for about three taps until you cheer when you see water on the fourth tap.

The second worst invention is the serviette dispenser in McDonald’s
As you want to take the serviette, you see the sentence “Please pull out one at a time”. You try, and you can’t. You try again, and you have to struggle in order to pull out ten pieces of serviette at a time. One of the crew members then stare at you, and smile. He seems to be saying, “You’re not the first, Bro.”

Coffeeshop drinks stall assistant turns a blind eye when you’re alone
You are alone in a coffeeshop, enjoying your mixed vegetable rice while thinking of something. You need to drink, but that drinks stall assistant seems to walk everywhere except near you. You shouted for him three times, but three times, his eyes merely swept past you.
When you are done with your mixed vegetable rice, he approached you. Argh.

You know a lot of people but don’t remember their names
Whatever you’re doing now, be it schooling or working, you’ll encounter many new people. They’d have introduced themselves. A few days later, they see you and remember your name. Oops, what should you do? You smile back and say, “Eh, Bro!”. If it’s a younger female, you go, “Eh, Xiao Mei!” If it’s an elder female, you go, “Eh!”

You called to complain, but you actually called to get some freebies
Singtel has got no reception in your house for three hours. You called them and complained. You told them about the “loss of income” and whatever you’ve read on Internet forums. The CSO apologized again and again. You finally got fed up and said, “How are you going to compensate me for the time loss?” Back in your mind, you’re thinking of waiving the next month’s bill, or a $100 voucher.


Your smartphone is used to avoid awkward conversations
You have a hi-bye friend and both of you are in the lift. You don’t know what to say to her. So, you take out your handphone, open your WhatsApp and re-read the messages you’ve read and reply. Sometimes, you even tap on “Reply”, type a few sentences and once you’re out of the lift, you delete that sentence.

Worker’s Party just agree with PAP on something, but there’s another reason why they did that. Watch this to the end and you’ll understand:

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