6 Things We Definitely Have Done When We Had Limited SMSes


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:50 pm

Those were the (good?) old days, of not having apps that use 3G networks to send messages freely. So here is a tribute to the things we used to do when we had limited free text messages to work with.

1. Dividing 500 over 30 and realising that you could send 16.6666666666666666666667 texts per day
Don’t pretend you’d never done that. Because we all know we’ve only got that many text messages to spare, and we gotta plan wisely who we wanted to waste our messages on. Reply your groupmate about that project? Nah, you’ll see each other at school tomorrow. You gotta spend that 16th message saying goodnight to that darling who had been wishing you sweet dreams for the past week. That’s right, we got our priorities real straight!

2. Rushing home after school to be online on MSN
Cause chatting on MSN was free. And everyone you needed to talk to will be on MSN after school. Every. Single. Day. Once upon a time, we were exchanging messages on our computer screens more often than on our phones. And people actually asked for your email address before your number or Facebook. Oh, memories. :’)

3. Typin sumtin lyk dis bcox…
It was extremely important to maximise the 150 characters you’ve got.So the objective is to squeeze everything into a single text message.Also you end up eliminating the spaces after the full-stops.Because that is a waste of characters.150 characters isn’t a lot because the ever-important closing line “i luv u muax <3” already costs you one-tenth of the characters. (It really amounts to 15 characters. Are you counting it.)

4. Getting panicky right before the bill come
Because you’re pretty sure you’d sent about 167 messages, instead of 16.6666666666666666666667, each day. When the bill is due to arrive in your mailbox anytime, you start to get really nervous because oh gosh how would the parents react?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!! No regrets, though. Did anyone actually regret busting their bill?

5. Deny that we are dating someone
No mum, what are you talking about. Of course I’m not seeing anyone. I just happened to have a lot of projects that I needed to discuss with my group mates. Seriously. You see this incoming message? It’s for a really important project that I’m working on.
Oh shit, please don’t grab my phone because that’s him advising me how to worm my way out of this situation. Shit shit shit. Wow, that look on mum’s face. Goodbye guys, it was nice knowing everyone.


6. Being punished for exceeding the limit (or for ‘dating at such a young age’)
Sorry dad and mum, for getting carried away with sending too many messages that were supposed to be “the last one for the day”. But my 15-year-old self still insists that if you’d extended my curfew just a little bit longer, I wouldn’t have to resort to flirting over text so much.

Hahahah, who am I trying to kid

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it, and comment below if you found yourself chuckling because you used to do these things as well!

Coming up soon, 6 Things We Did When We Had Unlimited SMSes. If you could identify with this, I hope you’ll like the next one too!

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