6 things you can do in S’pore but can’t in other countries


We’ve all become so comfortable in Singapore that many times, we’ve taken things for granted.

Still denying? Well, then trying doing these things in other countries and you’ll realize how safe and secure Singapore actually is.

1. Leave your valuables on the table

Come on guys, admit it, this is the thing we really appreciate. Walking off to order food or go to the toilet and coming back to find your wallet/phone/laptop still on the table you were sitting on is something many of us really take for granted.

I’m not encouraging the act nor am I saying it’s 100% safe to do so (because theft cases have happened before) but you will never ever dare to do this in other countries.

Just recall that time you were travelling but half the time you were checking whether your belongings are still with you.

2. Walk home in the wee hours

Walking under your void deck? Meeting up for midnight supper? Going home slightly drunk after clubbing? Have you ever noticed that you have never been super worried or scared to do so? Because you have been so used to getting home safely and waking up happily in your bed the next morning. Heck, if you want to, you can even count your $1,000 notes in the void deck at 2:00 a.m.

If you were in other countries, girls will never be able to go home themselves without feeling insecure. Even guys will worry about such issues.

3. Drink water from the tap

Feeling thirsty after a run but you are in a place with no water cooler? Fear not, go to the nearest toilet and drink the same water you use to wash your hands with. This is probably one of the biggest benefits for lazy people who don’t even want to boil water.


We have to be real thankful for clean and everlasting (or at least we still have enough water) water even though we have no natural resources.

4. Walk with your phone in your hands

Everyone is connected to the internet and glued to their phone while walking on the streets. However, no one has ever knocked into anyone or has gotten their phones snatched away before.

Even when you didn’t notice the car while crossing the road because you have plugged in your earpieces, you most likely only received death stares from drivers but never got you into any accidents (but please, don’t do that).

You can’t even carry a sling bag or backpack without fearing it may get snatched in other countries and you also wonder why it is so hard to just cross a road in other countries even though the green man is there.

5. Using public toilets

Be real. When you go travelling, the only toilet you probably feel safe in using is the toilet at the hotel you’re sleeping in. In some countries, you’ll faint the moment you step into a public toilet; if you managed to find one, that is. In Singapore, not all toilets are sparkly but at least regularly maintained. If not, another one is just minutes away.

6. ‘Chope’ Seats

Need to reserve a seat? You do not need to call a week in advance; simply bring along a pack of tissues. Honestly, you can just leave your bags at your seats and you can just go off to order your food.

Your belongings will still be there and although many may complain about this ‘tradition’, every Singaporean kind of respects it. I mean, you haven’t gotten chased out by others who need a seat, right?

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