Do Mosquitoes Sleep? 6 Things You Should Do To Your Room For A Mosquito-Free Night

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One of the most annoying experiences in life you and I can both agree on is the fact that you are feeling extremely tired and want to sleep but sometime during the night, there comes the mosquitoes that have no qualms about sucking your blood with gusto while you are in dreamland, and probably pass you some diseases such as Dengue as well, if you are unlucky.

Do mosquitoes sleep? Don’t they get tired buzzing around all the time?

So what could you do to have a comfortable night yet prevent these pesky insects from bombarding you at the same time? Fear not; we have 6 ways to ensure that your room is mosquito-free and you can enjoy your night without any of these pests buzzing around your ear and sucking your precious blood.

1) Cover your bed with a mosquito tent

Probably the most basic and effective way to keep mosquitoes away from you, all you got to do is to buy one tent, secure it over your bed and ta-da! No mosquito can come near you at night.

2) Sleep under a fast-moving fan or having a fan blow straight at you

If set on high-speed, the wind from a fan will keep mosquitoes away as they will not be able to land securely on you due to the wind from the fan blowing them away and knocking them off course. Both oscillatory and stationary position works fine, just ensure that the fans blow at you in high speed.

3) Sleep in an air-conditioned room

Let’s face it. Everyone sleeps with their air-con on mainly because helps you get a more comfortable sleep. But other than that, it also helps to deter mosquitoes as mosquitoes hate cold places, which means they are less likely to be found in a cold air-conditioned room, enabling you to get a mosquito-free and comfortable sleep.

However, one or two might still be able to wander in on a rare occasion. But don’t worry. It’s pretty rare. Unless they have been in your room from the start.

4) Sleep with the lights on

The majority of us sleep with the light off, but I do know a few people who can somehow sleep with their lights on! Miraculously, this somehow deters mosquitoes entirely. If you really want to try this method, I suggest you have an eye mask. With that, one should be able to sleep with their lights on!

5)Use Mosquito repellent gel

You know those scented gels that you just open and leave it in a place and the scent will fill the room? Well, Mosquito repellent gel works the same way. Just that its scent will repel mosquitoes from your room. You can put as many as you want in your room, depending on your room size and how much you want a mosquito-free night. They are quite effective most of the time, but just remember to stock up so that you have extra when the gel runs out.

So to answer your question, do mosquitoes sleep? I honestly don’t think so because they’re always around to annoy us. But hey, be the smart one and outsmart them with these tips!

To know why mosquitoes only bite you, watch this video to the end:

YouTube video

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