6 Tips to Ace the Push-Up Station in IPPT ‘Coz Running is Too Tough

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The push-up station is one new station that one is either very confident of or is extremely fearful of. After all, it’s a new station and any change would lead to apprehension.

But fret not. We’ve an ex-PTI friend and we’ve made friend with a current PTI (or so we thought), so here are some tips that you should know in order to ace it!

1. Train for it

The very common misconception about push-up is that it’s something relatively easy—after all, we’ve always “knocked it down”, right?

No. Push-ups, much like 2.4 km run, requires training, and in fact, it might take a little longer—usually, muscles take at least two days to fully recover, so one training + recovery itself is a three-day period.

Having said that, it’s wise to allocate at least two months before taking the test. For the training itself, you just do your maximum rep, rest and repeat…until you can’t even do one.

It’s that simple, but remember that if you can still shampoo easily after your training, you’ve not done your maximum rep.

2. Set a target

Make it achievable but realistic. The first maximum rep you can do is the number that you should focus on: if you can do 10 today, set your maximum rep to be 12 or 14 next session. Based on that, when you do your test, you should have a target in mind. Do note that however, you may encounter no-count—which is what we’ll touch on at the next point. Just note this: if your target is 40 push-ups, go for 45.

3. During the test, do it fast and don’t stop

Just go apeshit and do as many standard ones as possible without resting much. Once you stop, your muscles will go into recovery mode and you’ll lose your form. The other reps that you do might not be standard and you’ll hear no-counts often.

4. Bend your elbows the right way

Bend it close to you and just behind you, not away from you. Go down as low as possible—someone should have a fist below you so make sure your chest touches it. When you go up, ensure your elbows are straightened and go down immediately after that.

5. Make sure your form is good

We all know our body must be straight, but what’s the trick? Keep your head parallel with your body. Don’t drop it or look up, and don’t push your butt up: remain in that straight position for the whole duration. It’s just one minute, Bro—tahan lah.

6. Use your chest to guide you, not your head

Some people tend to use their head as a “paperweight” to push themselves down; don’t. Lead your push-up with your chest, and your arms should only be used to maintain the balance.