6 tips for Valentine’s Day from a gentleman


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:43 pm

Ask your significant other out on that date
This may seem like a no-brainer to most people. However, it is still a nice gesture to ask them out and show that you do not take them for granted. Do try to ask them face-to-face as it shows more sincerity than a text message. For couples that have been together for quite sometime, it may just be the spark needed to give them the same old fuzzy feeling of being in honeymoon period all over again.

Make a reservation at a restaurant for your date
Every year without fail, restaurants would mark up their prices by introducing a ‘special’ Valentine’s Day Menu. That being said, seats are grabbed up pretty quickly at most restaurants. If you have no idea on which restaurant to choose, fret not as technology is on our side. There are many websites such as Hungrygowhere that allows us to read reviews on the restaurant and even make reservations online. However, do keep in mind to make a reservation fast as you do not want to make your date walk aimlessly with you in hope of finding a good place for dinner!

Prepare a card and flowers/chocolate
Just like restaurants, the florists would mark up their prices for flowers, weeks before Valentine’s Day. Unless you have friends who are able to arrange flowers for you, chances are you would have to splurge on the flowers. There are some ladies who do not like flowers due to their personal reasons. Respect them and perhaps you could get them chocolate instead. A safe option would be Royce chocolate, which has a wide range of chocolate to choose from. Lastly, do top it off with a handwritten card. No need for fanciful cards, just words that come from your heart.

Plan the activity after dinner
This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday. This means that there is no rush to go home to prepare for work the next day. Therefore, prepare an activity to do after dinner. A standard activity would be a movie or a stroll along the scenic routes. Regardless of the activity, do remember to plan ahead and make the necessary reservations. For men who have been through National Service, you can put your planning skills to use here.

Get the bill
Be the one to foot the bill for all the activities on this day. Valentine’s Day is the day for the man to pamper his partner, especially if he has not been doing much for her. Sure, it may mean that you might have to live on bread for the rest of the month but it is one of the rare few times that you get to pamper them. Not to worry, your partner will definitely not forget about this date.

Just for the singles
Every Valentine’s Day, while there are many couples celebrating out there, there are also many singles out there. Do not feel lonely or coop yourself up at home. Organise a dinner with friends who are also single. Take your family out for a meal or a movie (do remember to plan ahead though). Celebrate your love for your friends and your family alongside everyone. No one said that Valentine’s Day is only for the lovey-dovey couples!


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